Comb-shaped Sentence Examples | Use Comb-shaped in a sentence

1.research progress of Comb-shaped acrylamide copolymer used for enhanced oil recovery

2.the Comb-shaped capacitive transducer, as example, illustrates the application of this method.

3.application of salt-resisitant Comb-shaped polymers in polymer flooding

4.mpeg with different molecular weights after carboxylated was occurred esterification reaction to the hydroxyl groups at c-3 on the chitosan backbone, and the Comb-shaped methoxy poly ( ethylene glycol) grafted chitosan ( cs-g-mpeg) which can be dispersed in water was prepared.

5.synthesis, characterization and properties of peg-g-pan Comb-shaped copolymers

6.analysis on movement of Comb-shaped tensioner with restraint

7.cause analysis of welded seam cracking for Comb-shaped seal passing through the roof of reheater

8.the Comb-shaped copolymers pan-g-peg were prepared by chemical oxidation copolymerization of aniline and methoxyl poly ( ethylene glycol) o-aminophenyl ether. of super narrow band and Comb-shaped multi-channel photonic crystal filters

10.important progress on improving structure of the salt-tolerant Comb-shaped polymer has been achieved, its thickening ability increases significantly. the molecular design theory for Comb-shaped polymer has been verified.

11.advances in synthesizing Comb-shaped polymers via ring-opening metathesis polymerization

12.application and study progress on salt-tolerant Comb-shaped polymer

13.synthesis of Comb-shaped graft copolymers via ring opening metathesis polymerization catalyzed by supported ruthenium carbene complex

14.during the weekend, a Comb-shaped zebra crossing was created adjacent to the hair salon in india (a temporary transparent sticker). on synthesis of Comb-shaped copolymers of polycarboxylic acid type and its plasticizing effect on cement

16.improvement of mathematical model for the Comb-shaped capacitive transducer and double object function optimum design

17.on the custom of the Comb-shaped pot embedding a monkey

18.the synthesis and properties of Comb-shaped copolymers of polycarboxylic acid type used as superplasticizer

19.a simulation of Comb-shaped capacitive transducer by the finite element method

20.based on [ 1] and [ 2], a new approach to the stability of those systems whose state matrices are grey and symmetric, grey triangular and grey Comb-shaped is presented.

21.synthesis of Comb-shaped polycarboxylic acid copolymer under microwave irradiation and its dispersibility