Colloidal Sentence Examples | Use Colloidal in a sentence case is that of tiny dust particles or Colloidal particles suspended in a fluid.

2.a stable Colloidal suspension has thus been made into an unstable Colloidal suspension.

3.microorganism ever tested has been able to stay alive for more than six minutes when exposed directly to Colloidal silver.

4.a substantial portion of the solution is aggregated to form units of Colloidal size.'s been a long time in the research of the gold nanoparticles, also known as Colloidal gold.

6.flocs can occur naturally but often are generated from a dispersed Colloidal system to which a flocculant chemical has been added. immunochromatographic strip test was developed to detect chlortetracycline residue in food using immune Colloidal gold technique.

8.the process of converting to a sol; bringing to a Colloidal solution.

9.objective to evaluate the specificity and sensitivity of the newly developed Colloidal gold reagent for tsutsugamushi antibody detection.

10.polystyrene and silica Colloidal crystal multilayers with controlled thickness are fabricated quickly by the vertical deposition method at certain temperature and humidity.

11.characterized by strong attraction between the colloid medium and the dispersion medium of a Colloidal system.

12.quartz crystal microbalance ( qcm) was also used to measure the transferred Colloidal quantity for ag nanoparticles.

13.a determination method of Colloidal tin in minerals was established.

14.partition coefficients of sevoflurane in crystal liquids and Colloidal liquids teaching chemistry more time may be given to, say, electro and Colloidal chemistry.

16.the Colloidal properties of water-based ink and its film forming property on the newspaper were studied in this paper.

17.development of drying theory and its application in Colloidal processing of advanced ceramics was reviewed.

18.any of various water-soluble Colloidal carbohydrates that occur in ripe fruit and vegetables; used in making fruit jellies and jams.

19.a black Colloidal substance consisting wholly or principally of amorphous carbon and used to make pigments and ink. leaching out of the enzyme takes place during the reaction and the Colloidal stability is not impeded by the adsorbed biomolecules. can also add10 drops of Colloidal silver as a natural preservative.

22.characterized by a lack of attraction between the colloid medium and the dispersion medium of a Colloidal system.

23.the feasibility of most templates were investigated and the Colloidal carbon spheres were confirmed as the best one.

24.the thickness dependent grown time and quality of the pbg of Colloidal crystal were studied in this work.

25.a Colloidal extract from carrageen seaweed and other red algae.

26.similarly charged Colloidal particles cannot come close enough together to agglomerate into larger particles.

27.Colloidal crystal -assisted capillary nanofabrication for construction of a surface with nano structured two-dimensional arrays etc.

28.ceramic powders Colloidal processing techniques are used to fabricate large size, complicated shape ceramic parts of high reliability.

29.this paper studies the optimal reaction conditions for the preparation of Colloidal copper catalysts without protection of n_2. was shown that the yield value of Colloidal silica sol slurry was increased and its suspensibility was improved by adding some additives.

31.over the last decade, the light microscope has become increasingly useful as a quantitative tool for studying Colloidal systems.

32.the progress of new Colloidal forming processes for high performance ceramics developed in tsinghua university is re-viewed.

33.microstructure and spectral properties of sio_2 hybrid Colloidal spheres

34.a sol that consists of solid particles suspended in a liquid is a Colloidal suspension.

35.a foam is a Colloidal system in which gas bubbles are dispersed in a liquid or solid.

36.Colloidal and dissolved impurities are more difficult to remove.

37.size and shape of Colloidal particles

38.the nature of the association between Colloidal calcium phosphate and casein is not clear.

39.the next mixture is called a colloid also known as a Colloidal dispersion.

40.this instability can be prevented by coating the Colloidal surfaces with protein molecules such as immunoglobulin.