Colling Sentence Examples | Use Colling in a sentence your system with our technologically advanced Colling fan trays.

2.the test shows that the new type Colling fan can meet locomotive coolling requirements perfectly.

3.circulating water-Colling system drawworks driving dc motor automatic driller motor automatic driller unit crown block

4.a two-dimensional mathematical model describing the Colling and reheating characteristics of slab ingots has been established.

5.analysed energy consumption of primary pump system with variable chilled water flow and Colling water at partial load.

6.the application of self-cleaning water filter in the Colling water system

7.yes, it is a paradox, but global warming can trigger a Colling trend.

8.the principle of controlled Colling technology and the effect of controlled Colling technology on the structure and properties are described.

9.four-year-old, jack Colling, is reduced to tears after he turns on his ipad to play one of his favourite games, plants vs zombies, only to discover that everything has changed on his apple device.

10.the all_organic corrosion and scale inhibitor containing copolymers of organic phosphine with carboxylic acid and sulfonic acid, etc. makes circulating Colling water run with higher cycle of concentration and improves the economic efficiency of the circulating cooling water.

11.synthesis of Colling-agent menthone glycerin ketal

12.good Colling system reduces temperature and improves compressor reliability.

13.a type of energy-saving natural outside circulating gas Colling tower

14.after analyzing the cooling mechanism of the quenchant, it ponts out that a film of polymer will form on the surface of metal in the Colling process.

15.jessica Colling, product director at vielife, a wellbeing consultancy, says that there are good reasons to look beyond the fitness basics.

16.sorry, your Colling 's number is busy now, please try later~!

17.controlled rolling technology, is the bottleneck of the controlled rolling proccess, in plate production was developed, through trial-production, the water-curtain cooling device was put into operation, 1994. controlled rolling process has been optimized with the use of water-curtain Colling.

18.heat and power and Colling cogeneration of using natural gas is the best method of the natural gas heating

19.this paper presents the process of ccv line, analyses the selection of heating medium, pressure and temperature as well selection of Colling medium.

20.the residual stress are generally caused by uneven flow and Colling, called flow residual stress and thermal residual stress.

21.still , ms Colling says that even the smallest businesses in dense urban centres can offer some activities . on the methods of changing the flow rate of Colling water for low speed diesel engine

23.discussions on applications of re-circulation evaporative Colling technology in the field of air conditioning were carried out, and the corresponding ways of system design are provided.

24.they is willy clue these will include more moden modern air Colling cooling and heating heating systems.

25.compared the actuality of the structure of th the influence structure parameters of cast iron sample cup on shape of Colling curve

26.a new double water-Colling inside roll configuration system of continuous casting is therefore very necessary to consider the sensitivity of fixed bed reactors to cooling medium flow rate and inlet temperature variations of Colling medium for design and control of highly exothermic catalytic gas phase reactions on an industrial scale.

28.a new theory of Colling pulse mode-locking of dye lasers is presented, its physical picture is clear. it gives better illumination on the properties of the mode-locked pulses, especially those of frequency.

29.during an evening out at a san francisco bar some years ago, matt Colling and a friend ended up buying drinks all around. Colling is now taking the ship to exhibitions and shows.