Collimator Sentence Examples | Use Collimator in a sentence

1.field optical Collimator system

2.the Collimator projects a reticle to infinity. the specimen produces an image of the reticle in its focal.

3.measurement system research on multi-degree-of-freedom based on laser Collimator

4.leaf shape design of multi-leaf Collimator in radiotherapeutic machine for optimum conformation; provided the reference to choosing Collimator at designing small angle neutron scattering spectrometer.

6.this provides technological guarantee for the auto-Collimator whole-range measurement repetition precision.

7.with a Collimator and a23 polyhedron as measuring datum, a set of optical angular encoder measuring data, which containing the eccentricity error, was obtained.

8.the major advantages of the present invention include shortened optical assembly length and easy manufacture of the straight Collimator.

9.with a given Collimator the integrated reflections in the parallel and antiparallel positions will be equal. periodic motion in which the restoring force is proportional to the displacement.

10.the Collimator lighting remains also switched on.

11.optical design of the reflective eccentric-pupil Collimator with large-aperture and long focal length

12.this problem is eradicated with the iris variable aperture Collimator described by gernot echner and colleagues .

13.the commutation rule and the optimal collimation area are analyzed when gauss light beam passes thin lens, and the design principles of the Collimator are given.

14.during the design process of blu-ray disc optical pick-up, the optical system and the Collimator lens design is especially important.

15.colourless optical glass test methods& test method by Collimator for optical homogeneity

16.their neutron lux and neutron angle-distributing of horizontal and vertical plane at the exits of Collimator were compared at same input condition.

17.this sensor featuring plane-convex lens Collimator for expanding beam and coupling, and a low frequency for light pulse modulation is introduced.

18.the alternative approach is to switch one Collimator for another midway through treatment, altering the field size.

19.the increase to total Collimator thickness also halves secondary Collimator transmission.

20.a method to design muti-mode fiber Collimator by using zemax software is introduced.

21.performance evaluation of helical tomotherapy multi-leaf Collimator

22.the external cavity is made up of fast axis Collimator, collimating optical system and diffraction grating.

23.the efficiency of single-pinhole and multi-pinhole Collimator is compared based on a imaging geometric model.

24.optic design of Collimator with large aperture and long focal length

25.application of multi-leaf Collimator in tumor conformal radiotherapy

26.this problem is eradicated with the iris variable aperture Collimator described by gernot echner and colleagues.

27.application of large-aperture Collimator in optical axis parallelism measurement

28.the simplest approach to radiosurgery is to use a single, fixed Collimator to shape the treatment field.

29.a full description of the variable aperture Collimator, which makes it easier to switch field size during cyberknife procedures, is published in physics in medicine& biology.

30.a kind of infrared Collimator which is made up of off-axis parabolic mirror and reflecting mirror is described in this paper.

31.describes the working principle of the multi-leaf Collimator of siemens linear accelerator and two cases of troubleshooting for the common malfunction.

32.this paper designs an optical system and some lenses for the bd opu, including Collimator lens, beam shaping lens for laser beam shaping, and cylinder lens for signal detecting.

33.the project management on the technical innovations of special lens series and night-vision Collimator with the national debts; or i swivel the monitor to an advantageous angle and shoot with only the lens pointing at the subject. can gather the relevant parameters of azimuth, angle of fire and vector Collimator when aa gun is running.

35.quality control for multileaf Collimator leaf position accuracy using amorphous silicon electronic portal imaging devices

36.compared with the conventional Collimator, the diffracted resolution of cassegrain structural Collimator is analyzed in this paper.

37.with a multi leaf Collimator, conformal radiotherapy can be realized by shaping the beam to target contour.