Collimating Sentence Examples | Use Collimating in a sentence

1.the place of optical system where the Collimating effect should be optimal is demonstrated.

2.a method of Collimating optical systems by a heterodyne interferometer is described and the errors of the system measurements are analyzed.

3.wide-angle infinity display equipment ( wide) which is composed of projector, back projection screen and Collimating mirror is the main display method in large-scale simulators these days.

4.seeing conditions will determine just how much magnification you can use when Collimating so work within the limits of your sky conditions.

5.aiming at Collimating and positioning, a rapid Collimating method using inclination sensor is proposed. addition, the design approachs to Collimating lense and biprism are also discussed.

7.device for starting a machine, esp an engine transmitter Collimating optics

8.this paper put forward a design optical system plan that based coaxial Collimating transmission, it mainly design to lighting part and project imaging part of the optical system.

9.amplitude calibration unit transmitter Collimating optics of infrared Collimating optical system for scene projection based on resistor array

11.finally, simplicity of aiming was achieved by use of integral reflex type Collimating sight and integral laser aiming module ( lam).

12.the calibration method of the Collimating optical system by using two-frequency laser is presented. of a novel laser Collimating system

14.the standard sighting equipment includes a non-magnifying Collimating sight with "ring and dot" illuminated aiming reticule.

15.this paper also analyzes the factors influencing the irradiance and the irradiation uniformity, corrects the aberration of the Collimating lens.

16.a electronical Collimating method of tactical missile based on simulation technology

17.the accommodation of fast-axis Collimating lens is the first step of the whole experimental system's accommodation.

18.the lens unit includes an objective lens for Collimating the output radiation and a filtering film for filtering the output radiation.

19.the external cavity is made up of fast axis collimator, Collimating optical system and diffraction grating.

20.using video-cam directly Collimating on computer screen, it is convenient to operate and strong reliability.

21.short-spacing detector Collimating angle has less influence on density compensation but can influence the detector count.

22.laser Collimating system for coaxiality measurement of large axle

23.application of tca system to the Collimating line observation in xiaolangdi dam view of the requirements of the verticality and parallelity in the process of equipping elevator for high building, a new laser Collimating system is presented. for Collimating system of semiconductor laser

26.for the coupling of ld array with multi-mode optical fiber, author use Collimating system, shaping system and focusing system.

27.the system contains three parts, including auto-Collimating optical system, psd signal processing unit and data processing system.

28.assuming the same quality of manufacture, prisms give less light scatter, a good thing. and unlike a mirror, they are also self Collimating.

29.a single Collimating lens has been designed to reduce the angle of divergence.

30.the scheme includes optimizing the recording and reconstruction geometries and Collimating the reconstruction wave with a gradient-index lens.

31.aspheric Collimating and shaping element design for diode laser range finders

32.methods the designed lensometer primarily consists of light system, Collimating system and projective system.

33.optimum design to a single lens transmitted Collimating module of laser ranging finders

34.effect of the size of detector Collimating aperture on ict reconstruction image

35.finally, the best led Collimating system was successfully designed.

36.some of the Collimating and re focusing optics are given.

37.fabrication of aspherical liquid lens and the application in the Collimating of laser diode

38.according to the theoretical analysis above, a project of beam Collimating and shaping can be designed.

39.the torus serves as a nozzle, as your lips do when you whistle, Collimating your exhaled breath into a narrow jet of air.

40.the orthogonal surface equation of the Collimating micro-lenses array is derived, the divergence angles after Collimating and the parameters of the focused lens are calculated.