Colliery Sentence Examples | Use Colliery in a sentence

1.application research of knowledge acquisition model for Colliery gas forecast

2.finally, it indicated that the green Colliery machinery will become the mainstream of Colliery machinery. on the dynamic management system of excavation engineering plans in Colliery

4.on the basis of them, a speed-regulating system of battery locomotive applied in Colliery and outer drive circuits of ipm was designed.

5.leakage reasons analysis and countermeasures for hydraulic support jack used in Colliery

6.during the election period, a big strike broke out at dawdon Colliery.

7.the technical reconstruction of lifting system of gaohe Colliery

8.the monitor towards safety production in Colliery is an important measure to reduce accidents.

9.application of new-style concentrated solution of powered support in Colliery

10.wennan Colliery of xinwen coal mining group is an old coalmine and is mining deep coal layer.

11.and from there you could look out over the trees to the Colliery railway, and the new works at stacks gate.

12.based on distributed data research and development of monitoring and intelligent warning system for Colliery hydrology

13.reason and countermeasure of the gas accident of the Colliery

14.analysis of floor heave of main roadway in soft rock and its prevention in huating Colliery

15.combining practice of muchengjian Colliery in beijing, we manufactured a set of rock-burst monitoring and orientation system.

16.scraper conveyor is one of the important equipment of transport in produce of Colliery. it has important function in producing of Colliery.

17.application of h. y-type ventilation system in chengshan Colliery

18.electric aluminum company pang wei, xinglong Colliery grams soldier, chen chuan-lei baodian mine were the top three individual groups.

19.this paper introduced successful experience in full-mechanized caving mining under soft sand aquifer and settlement approach of related problems in tiebei Colliery. on the rapid evaluation method of the wall-rock stability about the Colliery tunnel

21.the study provides a technical support of rock burst prevention and control of dongrong no.2 Colliery.

22.this paper summarizes the new freezing technology used in construction of the auxiliary shaft of longgu Colliery in thick overburden.

23.the company mainly engaged in the mechanical processing of Colliery equipment and parts, dealing in the imported components.

24.this paper is mainly introduce the experience bring the equipment into Colliery construct.

25.application of plc high seed counter module in the Colliery belt transmission control system

26.discussion on how to actualize the investment control in the construction of a new Colliery

27.fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of safety disaster for mining face in Colliery

28.the Colliery safety management system design based on expert system

29.outburst prevention technique of excavating in coal seam will be directly concerned Colliery safety production and excavates taking over.

30.this paper analyzed the reasons of the hysteretic water out of the central air shaft in guqiao Colliery and the waterhead, proposed the opportune time of water control behind shaft wall.

31.this paper, which based on gis, finished the application study of spatial database in Colliery monitoring system.

32.research on economic transition of the Colliery cities in china ii.

33.research on invite public bidding purchase-model for Colliery equipment based on option-game

34.the development and design of the flash game on rescue in Colliery august, two miners from manton Colliery who protested that the strike was not "official" without a ballot took the num to court.

36.underground work personnel's administrative system operation principle and application of the Colliery

37.rational coal pillar dimension and optimization of sub-level roadway layout for huating Colliery

38.analysis of mining steeply inclined coal seam with bursting risk in small Colliery