Collapse Sentence Examples | Use Collapse in a sentence

1.the medical system is facing Collapse because of an exodus of doctors. would be easy to forget the progression that the team have made because of our end of season Collapse.

3."africa is lacking in samples, " a deficiency he attributes in part to an unfortunate accident. "early on, i had a rack Collapse, " he said.

4.the earthquake caused many buildings to Collapse.

5.he Collapsed following a vigorous exercise session at his home was also felt that the Collapse of the system opened up new possibilities they realize we are racing towards complete economic Collapse?

8.their economy is teetering on the brink of Collapse

9.spring and autumn is a bad music ceremony Collapse of times, it was the axial age of chinese civilization.

10.this system has Collapsed in most countries where it ruled

11.the earthquake was the occasion of the building's Collapse.

12.their dreams went up in smoke after the Collapse of their travel agency.

13.the Collapse of the army left a vacuum in the area

14.beijing has chastised the u. s. for fiscal recklessness, but it may be headed for an economic Collapse of its own.

15.his business empire Collapsed under a massive burden of debt

16.the result was the Collapse known as the french revolution, which ushered in a terrifyingly more efficient version of the french state. a stroke, a rocky transition - only the second since the Collapse of the soviet union - seems to have been solved.

18.the dimensions of the market Collapse were certainly not anticipated.

19.the Collapse of old certainties is reshaping the political parties. this earthquake, although his school north of the overall Collapse of the wall, but there was no case of casualties.

21.he plunged 300ft to the ground when his parachute Collapsed

22.and chinese exports, which had been growing steadily after last autumn's Collapse, tipped down once again.

23.a section of the bay bridge had Collapsed

24.the roof Collapsed in a roar of rock and rubble

25.these bandits are just a disorderly mob and will Collapse at the first blow.

26.the Collapse of the iron curtain had immediate impact on the lives of everyone in germany.

27.the prime minister's fragile government was on the brink of Collapse

28.there's no one she can talk to, and she's on the verge of Collapse

29.but if he does this, he may hasten the Collapse of his own country.

30.the Collapse of the government left the country in chaos.

31.the economy is in danger of Collapse unless far-reaching reforms are implemented.

32.the u. s. housing market has been a mess since the Collapse of home prices in 2007 and is showing few signs of improvement.

33.he was rushed to hospital last week after suffering a Collapsed lung.

34.he was short of cash after the Collapse of his business. ant hole may cause the Collapse of a thousand-li dyke.

36.the yobs cannot be allowed to dominate, or i would argue all of society can only be minutes from Collapse.