Collagenous Sentence Examples | Use Collagenous in a sentence

1.histopathology showed a increase in the number of Collagenous fibers and fibroblasts and deposits of mucin between collagen bundles.

2.there is a larger duct to the right and lobules to the left. a Collagenous stroma extends between the structures. a variable amount of adipose tissue can be admixed with these elements.

3.hyaline degeneration was observed in Collagenous fibers with remarkable increase of the volume density.

4.local Collagenous fibers whose cell nucleus were normal lined up in disorder.

5.fibroblasts and osteoblasts appeared at 2 to 4 weeks with normal structure of Collagenous fibers.

6.many broken cartilage cells could be observed and matrix Collagenous fibril decreases obviously, but some cartilage cells proliferated.

7.there were lots of Collagenous fibers in the medium of endothelium.

8.broken Collagenous and elastic fibers could be seen near the lumen and some were observed in the lumen.

9."for patients with severe Collagenous colitis, " he concluded, "budesonide can be recommended as an effective treatment option. "

10.this paper shows that solid wastes of leather, by proper treatment, could be made into Collagenous fiber used in paper making.

11.and the interrelationship between the formation of Collagenous fibers with monoamine oxidase and fat-storing cell was demonstrated.

12.note that the epithelial cells show no atypia and that there is a fine pink Collagenous stroma within the papilloma.

13.the Collagenous fibres fused less and appeared in an orderly arrangement in implanted group as showed by vg staining.

14.these materials were released into the pseudocysts by cytoplasmic exocytosis, and formed Collagenous fibrillae and elastic fibers.

15.note the pale brown appearance of the parenchyma, along with some central Collagenous scar., chronic inflammation of the bronchi has led to dilation and scarring with increased tan to white Collagenous tissue.

17.the Collagenous microarchitecture of ofm retained many components of native ecm including fibronectin, glycosaminoglycans, elastin and fibroblast growth factor basic.

18.a trichrome stain highlights the Collagenous connective tissue of pulmonary fibrosis in blue.

19.the reaction of stroma, showed mainly the proliferation of the Collagenous fiber.

20.note the infiltration of ill-defined glands into the surrounding Collagenous stroma.

21.influence of Collagenous expression by inos inhibitor in repaired articular cartilages

22.on the contrary, where the Collagenous fibrils dissolved and damaged, the basal membrane damaged, the fibroblast rarely found in the connective tissues, the epidermoid cells were poorly differentiated.

23.the organellae in smooth muscle cells and the Collagenous fiber hyperplasia developed in the metaphase.

24.this bile duct in a case of sclerosing cholangitis is surrounded by marked Collagenous connective tissue deposition.

25.the number of twisting Collagenous fibrils closely correlated with the degree of fibrous degeneration.

26.results pathological sections showed that in livers from mice in infection group, inflammatory cells infiltrated and Collagenous fibre proliferated around portal areas and egg granulomas.

27.the Collagenous fiber in dermis tissue extended towards the interior of bone cortex. it combined with the fiber within the bone cortex and formed the structure resembling the perforating fiber, which is similar to the connection between bone and periosteum.

28.all cells have secretory and absorptive functions besides4ibblasts and granular cells in connective tissue, there are myofibril, Collagenous fibril and unmyelinated fibers.

29.observation on ultrastructure showed where the Collagenous fibrils were intact, fibrioblast with active function were found in hypodermatic connective tissues, the basal lamina were intact, the epidermoid cells were well differentiated.

30.effect: the activation organization metrocyte production, reconstructs in the dermis the Collagenous tissue, the promotion tightens the loose flesh.

31.microscopically, this bile duct in a case of sclerosing cholangitis is surrounded by marked Collagenous connective tissue deposition.

32.Collagenous fiber added in stock can improve the strength of paper.

33.fibrocartilage, at the point of junction between hyaline cartilage (lavender) above and dense Collagenous tissue (pink) below.

34.this is focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (fsgs). an area of Collagenous sclerosis runs across the middle of this glomerulus.

35.there were obvious sclerosis of small vessel and Collagenous hyperplasia in white matter;

36.the study on the Collagenous bone matrix is an important means to reveal the pathogenesis of osteoporosis.

37.the fibers are mainly Collagenous , but keep in mind that some would be elastic and can be seen only if specifically stained. cells were found in ch except Collagenous fibers.