collage Sentence Examples | Use collage in a sentence

1.we talked about my future while walking, we have not do this since i got into the collage.

2.enjoy the oranges, yellows and reds all year long by creating a leaf collage with your kids.

3.with a touch of the shutter button, you can continuously take multiple shots and combines them into a photo collage. i am applying to the world's number one fashion collage: parsons the new school of design.

5.if the sea breeze blow away your voice, willing to reach out to lunch, a collage of your dreams.

6.the course is intended to the students of four year systems related majors in the biomedical engineering collage.

7.i think my way of making collage in esquiss stage is unique.

8.this article starts from the content of collage city, and considers its limitations and the possibility of application in chinese architecture at context.

9.he was honored as the national advanced individual in mental health education of collage students in2007.

10.the broadcast will show the queen, wearing a green outfit, chatting to schoolchildren as she helps them make a collage of a nativity scene.

11.he has used a mixture of mosaic, collage and felt-tip pen.

12.cut up some old comic books and, using collage medium, add some color to an old pair of flats.

13.divert, copy and collage arise as art behaves.

14.many images mingle to form a collage of her innermost thoughts.

15.add your photo and create an interesting collage and scrap books.

16.any object contains aesthetic factors, and this has been camouflaged in traditional art conception. divert, copy and collage and so on are precisely profound insight of this phenomenon.

17.this application is a sequel of finger design photo collage with xmas materials.

18.experimental poster designs using collage and elements from aerial views and maps by ling meng.'s a essential requirement to execute graduate's professor institution of the reformation of collage teaching and development.

20.after enrolling into collage, he devoted all his energies to the martial arts besides study.

21.her computer screen is a collage of tween faces, rainbow colored text bubbles and a chorus of shrill voices all vying for her attention.

22.for internal transport problems, a transportation planning methods based on "collage city" is presented. my collage roommate huggus who i started this company in la with.

24.many collage artists avoid the issue of copyright by using only source material that is in the public domain.

25.this kind of collage creates a strangeness for the visitors, and reveals his usual ruation of the reality.

26.she frequently uses collage in her work. one of the many collage templates, add your photos and then customize by dragging items around.

28.what i can do is only to provide an outline bearing rough form, through the way of collage and transplant, and multiplying freely.

29.this design was generated from a2d collage, which evolved into inhabitable space before transitioning into a functional building.

30.picasso's collage style impact on modern poster design

31.the following is a photo collage i made of some of the shots i took there.

32.created during the heart of the civil rights movement, this collage depicts a bustling city neighborhood with a serene bird at its center.

33.laundry service in collage includes ordinary washing and dry cleaning.

34.what i learn from this collage and what the collage teaches me?

35.if there is no such a mountain as thesis during four years of undergraduate study, there is a flaw in collage education beyond doubt.

36.with speedy development of the blog, a new thought of collage library service came into being from the thought of blog. another version reality, they collage official opinions and civilian wisdoms, becoming comments of urban contexts.

38.then she persuaded leaders in her rural village to help center to collage in the united sates.

39.rego's work is a rich collage of 20th-century painting styles. day, i came cross the hall of collage.