Colin Sentence Examples | Use Colin in a sentence

1.Colin: can you give me some famous examples?

2.she refused to promote Colin above the low rank of 'legal adviser'.

3.they settled with Colin at the end of the evening.

4.Colin opened the will, and began to read it out in a singsong voice.

5.after his beating Colin ran away and hasn't been heard of since

6.but Colin was already asleep.

7.where's Colin? is he with you?

8.Colin: that must have been hard for him?

9.Colin was being leaned on by his bankers.

10.she's back again, looking for Colin.

11.Colin: edna, do you think that it would be easy to be a mega-star?

12.Colin drifted off into a fitful sleep

13.from nairobi here's our east africa correspondent, Colin blane

14.Colin sullivan: you got fucking tapes* of what?

15.he gave a landmark speech to the u. n. in september, and Colin powell is moving the issue forward in a commendably bipartisan way.

16.his looks and expressions actually remind me of Colin farrell.

17.she was still in a temper when Colin arrived

18.with the rest of the sports news, over to Colin maitland.

19.Colin mitchell will judge the entries each week was Colin's voice, only just audible

21.Colin: i'm calling the mad house-you have gone insane!

22.Colin removed a 125cc engine from his motocross bike and spent a week rebuilding the frame of the scooter.

23.Colin: when it's raining, i prefer movies that make me laugh.

24.when she stood up to leave, Colin suddenly put out a hand to her.

25.when Colin's mother asked him why he was late, he invented a story about football practice. of the best of these artists was Colin moss (1914-2005), an art teacher from ipswich who studied at the royal college of art in london.

27.Colin: a young man in a sports car pulled out to overtake a bus and collided head-on with a truck travelling in the opposite direction.

28.Colin's immediate reaction, just as i'd hoped, was to look like a man who'd been told he'd won the lottery.

29.the next afternoon mary visited Colin again, and he seemed very pleased to see her.

30.Colin and i accomplished big things together this year.

31.this is why sir Colin marshall, british airways 'chairman, has been so keen to buy shares in us-air

32.nash saw Colin pace out the length of the field in which he had landed to ensure that he could fly safely out of it

33.Colin had been put into a bath and been scrubbed from head to foot.

34.Colin o'shea, head of commodities at hermes fund managers, said the more speculative investors had moved out of gold.

35.Colin: but if the good guy dies, the movie ends!

36.Colin welland's screenplay is faithful to the novel.

37.Colin apart, not one of them seems suitable for the job.

38.Colin chuckled at the flattering response

39.Colin powell's feeble presentation to the united nations about saddam's wmd programme was an embarrassment. son Colin has just returned from amsterdam.