Colic Sentence Examples | Use Colic in a sentence

1.objective to assess the efficacy and feasibility of intramuscular cdl in the relief of acute renal Colic.

2.every year there is a jumping show to honour ben. all the money they raise for it is given to help find a cure for horse Colic.

3.the worst pain was the renal Colic.

4.peppermint is frequently used to allay nausea and vomiting and will relieve the pain of Colic.

5.finger pressure massage for relief of the Colic in 32 patients with lithiasis of the urinary system of or relating to moses or the laws and writings attributed to him.

6.conclusion: ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy is an effective and safe method for the treatment of ureteral calculi with renal Colic.

7.objectiveto observe the double-j cannula the handling of indwelling ureteral calculi during pregnancy with refractory renal Colic caused by the safety and efficacy.

8.clinical observation of sodium bicarbonate assistant treatment for 78 cases of renal Colic

9.atropine has often been given with an opioid in the treatment of renal Colic in the hope that it will relax the ureteral smooth muscle .

10.objective: to evaluate the clinical effects of ureteroscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of refractory renal Colic during pregnancy.

11.conclusions the application of eswl to renal Colic at acute stage is safe and effective with high rate of pain relief.

12.objective to study the analgesia of renal Colic.

13.objective to discuss the clinical value of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ( eswl) for renal Colic at acute stage.

14.curative effects observation of naftopidil on the number and intensity of ureteral Colic in patients with lower ureteral calculus

15.the doctor said it was Colic and that she would grow out of it.

16.any of various other plants thought to relieve Colic.

17.although the term Colic suggests an intestinal origin, etiology is unknown.

18.every time your eyes are moist, hearts will be Colic, especially the kind of devotion they have to separate the time. chinese medicine, turmeric is used to treat shoulder pain, menstrual cramps, and Colic.

20.larger ones, however, can become lodged in the ducts, causing gall stone Colic, one of the most painful illnesses known.

21.dried leaves and flowering tops are used medicinally as a stimulant, tonic, carminative, diaphoretic, and for infantile Colic.

22.large stones can block urine flow, be a focus for infection, or cause renal Colic ( painful spasms).'s Colic at first, but soon it became constant.

24.he had Colic (fussiness) and never slept more than twenty minutes at a time the first six months of his life.

25.Colic probably has no relation to development of an insistent, impatient personality.

26.Colic describes a whole variety of conditions in which a horse suffers abdominal pain

27.he had an awful Colic.

28.a24-year-old female patient came to the emergency department for help due to acute renal Colic pain.

29.hyssop will soothe Colic, improve digestion and eliminate flatulence.

30.let harlequin be taken with a fit of the Colic and his trappings will have to serve that mood too.

31.any of several perennials of the genus aletris having grasslike leaves and bitter roots reputed to cure Colic. acute intestinal obstruction the first symptom is pain occurring in severe bouts of Colic lasting a few minutes but becoming persistent.

33.relieving gas in the alimentary tract ( Colic or flatulence or griping). two medical treatments for renal Colic caused by ureteral calculi

35.they are said to cure everything from rheumatism to ringworm, Colic to snakebite-the lot.

36.used for: calming an upset stomach, ease Colic and indigestion, and also stopping vomit.

37.furthermore, many mothers have found that vitamin or fluoride supplements may cause fussiness or Colic in their infants.

38.therapeutic effects of ibuprofen suspension on renal Colic you may know, Colic is a somewhat mysterious condition that there are no medications or tried and true treatments for it.