Coinstantaneous Sentence Examples | Use Coinstantaneous in a sentence can continuous and Coinstantaneous record the behavior performance of the athlete.

2.the freezing damage grades of longan trees and the Coinstantaneous lowest temperature data in wooden screen were statistically analyzed. the new model, industrial chains are extended, nodes of resource metabolism are increased, the relationship between different nodes is strengthened, the eco-industrial chains and nets are more flourishing. a Coinstantaneous advance of economy, resource and environment will be implemented.

4.the power source protection circuit that can implement instantaneous over voltage, Coinstantaneous over voltage, over current protection was introduced. general, the film-watching experience is dual, which includes the perception of light and sound, and the Coinstantaneous perception of film vision and event pattern.

6.because of special system of siar, its signal processing has two Coinstantaneous parts: target detecting and target tracking. the same time, the efficiency of cod removal was87.24%, which demonstrates the Coinstantaneous removing of both organic and nitrate nitrogen.

8.the results show that the development and dissipation of dynamic pore water pressure are Coinstantaneous, which makes the plus and minus pore water pressure and seepage force both alternate with time.

9.above a few kinds of circumstances are to happen alone sometimes, it is Coinstantaneous sometimes.

10.the deeply conflict of taxation management is emerging Coinstantaneous.

11.the traditional product of operation power device only has one working pattern, therefore, it has difficulties in satisfied the burnishing requirement of skull-open, skull-bottom and spine operation Coinstantaneous in clinic applying.

12.the tobacco may be infected by pvy and cmv Coinstantaneous.

13.but if the woman hasmenstruationthe overmuch and Coinstantaneous sex that be short of iron is anaemic, can be remarkable low pigment model., some remarkable achievements have been gained in our health human building, but there are also some questions about it. these mainly reflect in illogical collocation of health manpower that comparatively saturated and the short are Coinstantaneous in the health institution.

15.with the effection of triplicate-efficient Coinstantaneous evaporation, the steam can be used sufficiently, so it can save the energy consumption.

16.the researches on Coinstantaneous testing the hypothesis about means and variances on two normal population

17.the production of electric energy is to produce, offer, annul Coinstantaneous, finish at the same time, both neither can be interrupted cannot store again.

18.the research Coinstantaneous shows that the boundary transition should be considered, and effective transition method should be adopted to ensure the normal work of the scramjet engine.

19.china delayed to put forward, one of the most important reasons is that it may be disarrange the present market, and then results in the Coinstantaneous reflection between the markets on stock index futures and the present stock.