Coaction Sentence Examples | Use Coaction in a sentence

1.research on coal flotation by Coaction of reagents and ultrasonic wave treatment

2.on the basis of elastic plate theory, an approximate method for solving the bending problem of middle-thick plate is derived in order to solve the Coaction of free rectangular middle-thick plate with biparametric elastic foundation.

3.Coaction of wind pressure and thermal pressure in air infiltration calculation

4.firstly, af was induced by Coaction of intrinsic and exopathic factors.

5.the results reveal that the wall stress under the Coaction of temperature load and horizontal pressure while taking the edge effect of silo bottom into consideration differs greatly compared with the one calculated by the conventional no moment theory method.

6.displacement formula for composite foundation of composite piles is derived by considering the Coaction of foundation soil, broken stone pile, cfg pile and bedding cushion and by applying the theory of elastic-plastic mechanics, which is proper for superstructure being constructed. on Coaction of subsealing concrete and steel pipe pile for large steel suspension-box cofferdam

8.researches showed that aseptic loosening is the consequence of Coaction of many factors, and can not be ascribed to single factor.

9.analysis on random seismic response of high-rise building superstructure under the Coaction of pile-raft foundation and soil

10.lot of perspective studies showed that cerebrovascular disease results from Coaction of many factors including heredity, environment, individual life style, and individual immune function.

11.conductivity is improved due to small amount of cr3+ doping and it tends to increase first then decrease with increasing doping amount as a result of Coaction of defect theory and electrostatic attraction.

12.about the amenability of the crossed product by Coaction on the Coaction of polysaccharide food gums

14.with the Coaction of gravity and repulsion, nanocrystallines can be separated effectively from liquid phase environment.

15.the duality of wave transformation under the Coaction of both wave and currents on a gentle sloping beach was discussed in this paper.

16.piles arrangement, pile grid design, permitted bearing capacity of pile foundation, design and computation of pile-soil Coaction and example are given in the paper.

17.the adjoint Coaction of weak hopf algebras accuracy calculation method for the Coaction of the plate-basement and the elastic reaction of the foundation on breaking performance of polycarbonate in fatigue and creep Coaction

20.the settlement analysis of pile group has been made by using the concept of Coaction coefficient continuously, and the Coaction coefficient between two piles has been spread to pile group.

21.this would be caused by a Coaction of high atmospheric humidity, feasible air temperature and high light intensity.

22.the Coaction of light quality and medium composition in organogenesis of leaf-cultures of digitalis purpurea

23.a finite element analysis of the Coaction between frozen ground and spread wall foundation

24.left-wing films were the result of the Coaction of such historical composition of forces as politics and culture and had formed, in the process of their historical development, their specific connotations, patterns as well as the distinctive aesthetic features.

25.the author suggests that forced convection and ultrasonic wave vibration should be employed simultaneously to exert a Coaction on the oil trough.

26.conditions installed an expansion joint are further taken into account on the basis of the Coaction of temperature differential stresses and internal pressure stresses.

27.abstract: introduced the method for analysis and calculation of Coaction between raft foundation, piles and ground for an expressway office, it is useful for reference of the same project.

28.base on the results of the numerical simulation, the Coaction of the natural frequency of buildings and the dominant frequency of the ground vibration on the responses of buildings is researched. [ 1] first introduced the concept of twisted product in the way which he used the Coaction of algebra of paired algebras. dually, the author in [ 3] introduced the concept of twisted coproduct.

30.the Coaction of κ carrageenan and some food gums is studied.

31.the response was essentially controlled by phytochrome b in red light, phytochrome a in far red light and cryptochrome 1 in blue light. the Coaction was also existed among different photoreceptors by analyzing mutants.

32.with the Coaction of pump field and coolant, the temperature gradient is formed within laser working medium, and then the thermal effects such as thermal lensing, thermal stress birefringence and so on are emerged, they all seriously restrict the development of lasers.