Cluttering Sentence Examples | Use Cluttering in a sentence

1.most configuration options are never changed by users, so there's no point in Cluttering up the ui with that kind of junk.

2.a multi-time-zone clock is a cool widget, but if it isn't essential to your user's work, then there is no point in Cluttering the ui with it.

3.apparently, jacob schiff, an eminent german jewish banker was embarrassed by the poor, huddled masses from eastern europe Cluttering up new york at the time and financed the detour to the south-west.

4.the basic idea behind supplying annotation using an aop construct is to avoid Cluttering the program element's definition with annotations.

5.based on the modified image information entropy and otsu Cluttering algorithm, a multilevel adaptive segmentation algorithm for marine target under complex background images was put forward.

6.this avoids Cluttering up the core content with auxiliary material.

7.we may need to augment their behavior to match what we want the function to do, but we also want to redefine the function with another name to avoid further Cluttering the scope. particular, the plan did not establish how to value the bad assets that are Cluttering up bank balance sheets.

9.tong le fang was established in 1928, it was a Cluttering zone of lance factories in the last century.

10.the wrong doings sometimes blamed on business, of Cluttering christmas with goodies and hoopla are not invented by business.

11.the belt is not usually a target for space vehicles so the launch would not violate an international agreement that prohibits the Cluttering of space with foreign objects.

12.even the greatest content can become lost in a mess of words and graphics, so de-Cluttering is essential.

13.removing syntax helps readability, which it turn makes it easier to see the design elements hiding in your code, obscured by necessary but Cluttering syntax. reduce the visual Cluttering on large data, we propose a highly efficient clustering algorithm based on space-filling curves on the gpu.

15.however, in cases like those shown above where a large number of images or objects all are attached to the same javascript function you end up really Cluttering your html page.

16.this is a totally different issue, but never stops anyone on here Cluttering a forum with unrelated issues.

17.simulation experimental analysis and real image tracking results show that the new method can track moving target in the Cluttering backgrounds more effectively and accurately than the traditional tracking methods. is a good idea to follow the packaging recommendations produced by the linux community& the recommendations help prevent the Cluttering of/ opt by code and/ var by application data.

19."it has been months and no one is buying them," he said, pointing at the white, black and blue sedans and the construction vehicles Cluttering up his lot. ideally, only mature services are choreographed to avoid integration logic Cluttering and constraining the business processes. a lot of women's eyes i've probably already failed in that respect due to the amount of pink-princess-barbie mess Cluttering up vera's room right now. avoid Cluttering the drawing , the dip section may be projected parallel to itself, to one side .

23.otherwise, imply the business entity name as the role name to avoid Cluttering your diagrams.

24.independent component analysis ( ica) is a statistical method applied to gene Cluttering. avoid Cluttering the search view with all criteria options at once, the controls to specify tags, attribute groups, and attribute values are displayed only when certain conditions are met. and office documents can be uploaded to its skydrive "cloud" storage and linked to, shared and viewed in a pane in the inbox without Cluttering it up with a big file attachment.

27.tomorrow's consumer will buy more ephemeral, less Cluttering stuff: fleeting, but expensive, experiences, not heavy goods for the home. avoid Cluttering the drawing, the dip section may be projected parallel to itself, to one side.

29.those 144 spam ringtone apps (which are clearly infringing copyright) are currently Cluttering the top ranks of the multimedia category.

30.this was done to avoid Cluttering the prototype with too much detail.

31.someone of his importance obviously didn't have the time to spend with them, but he detested gingham dresses and homespun suits Cluttering up his outer office.

32.if you died and went to apple heaven, it would look very much like this, only without the female anime figurines Cluttering the place.

33.retailers are starting to offer recycling and there are growing number of take-back services where you can get some money for that unused gear Cluttering your life.

34.but myspace's blunder was to try to force-feed content to users by completely Cluttering their homepages with links to it.

35.your bike's Cluttering up the hallway.

36.amid the thousands of skimpy halloween ensembles Cluttering the internet this year, one shone brighter than the rest.