Cloaca Sentence Examples | Use Cloaca in a sentence use these - with extreme care - to spread the vent apart so you can see down into the Cloaca (see right).

2.the mucosal epithelium of rectum transforms into stratified squamous epithelium abruptly at the end of the rectum. the boundary line between rectum and Cloaca was very distinct. the foot/ head of the stairs Cloaca slightly elevated, bursa extended from opposite the anterior end of the spicules to about the three quarters the tail length;

4.nocens invaded posterior jejunum, ileum, ceca, rectum and Cloaca. developmental stages were localized within the epithelial cells of villi and crypts and in lamina propria.

5.Cloaca the formation of a dorsal echinocystic jiaohe, which are a thorn jiaohe.

6.results none of ampc β-lactamase activity was detected in the wild type of serratia marcescans 、 Cloaca enterobacter and hyper-inducible type serratia marcescans.

7.the digestive tracts were divided into cavum oris, esophagus, ventriculus, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, rectum and Cloaca.

8.objective to study the application of total urogenital mobilization in the repair of Cloaca.

9.oviduct a tube leading from the ovary to the Cloaca or external genital opening along which the ova pass during spawning.

10.the location of afferent neurons of the Cloaca and it's distribution of afferent fibers in the spinal cord of chicken

11.Cloaca hotel: there is a hotel rebuilded from beton Cloaca in australia. sleeping on the comfortable bed, you will think it deserves.

12.most male birds like turkeys and roosters have a Cloaca (also present on the female), but not a penis.

13.back gland, the Cloaca musk deer glands and mandibular glands.

14.this characteristic was similar to that of clostridium butyricum but quite different from enterobacter Cloaca with coli-type hydrogen-producing pathway.

15.ndv could be detected by rt-pcr in the tracheas of the artificially infected chicken next day, then in the Cloaca, spleen and kidney.

16.Cloaca , or with or without.

17.the breathing film was made up of endothelial and endothelial basement membrane. the seawater in respiratory trees through Cloaca into center antrum and blood in haemocoel accomplished respiration via this gas-blood barrier. the transverse plane, entering the s_3& s_8spi hal cord, the labeled central processes of primary afferent neurons of the Cloaca first appeared in the dorsolateral tract, and then divided into medial and lateral parts.

19.ibd is the unique structure of birds at the top after the Cloaca, the wall full of lymphoid tissue. vertebrates and some invertebrates, the region of the alimentary canal between stomach and anus or Cloaca.

21.ibd is the unique structure of birds at the top after the Cloaca , the wall full of lymphoid tissue.

22.results: at 18th day of incubation, ureteric bud from Cloaca grew into metanephrogenic tissue which produced many metanephrogenic vesicles.

23.ducks are regarded as the natural reservoir of influenza viruses, and previous studies indicated that the avian influenza viruses could replicate in the digestive tract of ducks and shed through Cloaca without causing any disease signs in these animals.

24.observation on a human foetus with congenital absence of external genitalia, persistent primitive Cloaca and bilateral renal agenesis

25.for the time being, the ndv detection of ciq includes Cloaca tampon separate virus, elisa, hi and rt-pcr is trying now.

26.the Cloaca is the all-purpose body cavity that reptiles and birds use for copulation, urination, and defecation.

27.objective: to observe the distribution of nerves containing neuropeptide y ( npy) and substance p ( sp) in Cloaca wall of alligator sinensis.

28.the liquid excreted through the urethra or Cloaca.

29.the long, narrow duct that conveys urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder or Cloaca.

30.distribution of neuropeptide y and substance p in Cloaca wall of alligator sinensis