Climax Sentence Examples | Use Climax in a sentence

1.but i think Climax is a great example of those smarty-pants classicists back in the renaissance dragging latin and greek words into english.

2.the meeting came to a Climax by the appearance of a general. ought to be the Climax.

4.the Climax of this work was the development of trigonometry. comes the Climax of the play.

6.for pritchard, reaching an olympics was the Climax of her career

7.the performance of the opera has come to its Climax.

8.i've discovered that slower, more gentle love-making can leave me a little more satisfied as it takes a bit longer to Climax.

9.but music made of works up to Climax and ceases. the grand canyon is all Climax, a chord echoing into eternity.

10.the research will help scientists to understand how the brain conducts the symphony of activity that leads to sexual Climax in a woman.

11.the libyan rebels' push into tripoli sunday night may end up being a bit of an anti-Climax for the oil markets.

12.the play reached its Climax in the second act.

13.the moment of Climax is like being kicked in the stomach.

14.the Climax of his career came when he won the nobel prize.

15.the business in hand was approaching some kind of Climax.

16.coming after the Climax especially of a dramatic or narrative plot.

17.often, a man can enjoy making love but may not be sufficiently aroused to Climax.

18.the speech reached its Climax.

19.the story reaches a Climax in chapter eight.

20.the expressional form of the Climax is endless and identical, some people may be a few stronger, some people are a few younger.

21.once more everything seemed to be set for a morning Climax, and once more the admiralty hopes were dashed.

22.this story reached a Climax in this chapter.

23.this battle marked the Climax of his career as a soldier.

24.a drama begins with a prologue, but the prologue is not the Climax.

25.with the arrival of the Climax of procurement, animal hides fur apparel sales have been a certain degree of increase.

26.this group of brilliant paintings reaches the Climax of the painter's artistry.

27.lambing is the Climax of the sheep farmer's year.

28.gulliver's travels reaches a powerful Climax in its fourth part.

29.the revolutionary upsurge reached its Climax in bitter street fighting. the end of the stock brokerage also lifted to a Climax.

31.the demonstration Climaxed two weeks of strikes enormous orchestral crescendo introduces the Climax of the opera.

33.they've just finished a sell-out uk tour that Climaxed with a three-night stint at brixton academy.

34.this passage foreshadows the Climax of the story.

35.the last golf tournament of the european season is building up to a dramatic Climax.

36."it'shard to explain, it was just a feeling, " he says of that staggeringtreble- clinching Climax.

37.the Climax came one sultry august evening. was the Climax to 24 hours of growing anxiety

39.although men are not touched by the women and do not Climax they say they experience a sense of energy and satiation .

40.this is coming towards the Climax of their conversation.