Clearer Sentence Examples | Use Clearer in a sentence

1.studying their methods will give you a Clearer picture of the sort of designer you want to be.

2.the idea of divorce which had obsessed me for several weeks seemed to be firmer and Clearer. can provide a Clearer picture and a better view.

4.these result in a Clearer picture for voice calls.

5.frankly, i think it could be made Clearer and more noticeable, mr mandelson said.

6.after your analysis, things seem much Clearer to me.

7.the picture is much Clearer with the new aerial.

8.and we'll work on this, maybe a Clearer version of this chart, next time. business executives a Clearer understanding of what it does.

10.speakers called for Clearer direction and savaged the chancellor.

11.resolution and penetration is optimized to obtain Clearer images.

12.had critical information been shared among agencies, "a fuller, Clearer picture of the suspect would have emerged, " he said.

13.a strong and successful nasa does not require more funding, it needs Clearer priorities. i have another dream, this dream is Clearer than any other dreams that i have ever had. would certainly help if he gave Clearer and more concise explanations of his health care plan. this second example, i have also adjusted the line spacing to make the related words Clearer.

17.i must say that i wish the situation were a little Clearer.

18.the reason for this will become Clearer in what the ui should do.

19.truth does not fear contention. the more the truth is debated, the Clearer it becomes.

20.readers may not be able to see the danger, so they need a symbol like the mist to make it Clearer to them. make the puzzle Clearer he took away the bridges to see the pattern more clearly(see fig 2).

22.this will become Clearer after you look at some concrete examples.

23.your grandfather's mind was never Clearer than during the time he made this will.

24.soon it could become Clearer where ukraine's president has decided to put most of his chips.

25.questioner: we have come a long way in this discussion and things are Clearer.

26.they gained a Clearer understanding of the breadth of vision and they could see what the problem was.

27.i don't know how i could make it any Clearer.

28.that's a little Clearer. much Clearer can i be?

30.but her next and Clearer thought was that this matter was all her own and had to be accomplished without help.

31.boecker, a casual runner and cyclist, who said he feels completely relaxed and his head is Clearer after a run. makes it hard for the fed to do anything but stand pat till the economy's direction becomes Clearer.

33.i hope the relationship between soap, soap encoding, and xml schema is much Clearer now.

34.further, use cases drive Clearer communication and enhance development's understanding of the users'needs.

35.the key to achieving this is making a Clearer link between its objectives, its legitimacy and staff independence.

36.we should see Clearer signs of this in next week's business surveys for the month of april.

37.she might have wished for colder, Clearer water . . . but no, if she were going to pin her hopes on wishes, she would wish for rescue.

38.keeping in mind the principles addressed can lead to Clearer and cleaner xml document formats.

39.6-millimetre film was used because it offered Clearer freeze frames than video tape.

40.he said his work had been helpful in giving him a Clearer idea of his life's dream and the best means to obtain personal fulfillment.