Clear-headed Sentence Examples | Use Clear-headed in a sentence was better by far to be Clear-headed. "relax" a bit and the comrades will become more Clear-headed.

3.when you have summed up your experience in combating right and "left" deviations and become more Clear-headed, your work will improve.

4.within a week i noticed an increase in my energy and concentration, and i felt more Clear-headed. do we chinese see ourselves? and how do we view our relations with the world? i want to say we are both confident and Clear-headed.

6.when he thought that he knew that he was not being Clear-headed and he thought he should chew some more of the dolphin. need to stay Clear-headed when you're under pressure.

8.and you could try to switch your love-making routine to the mornings when you're probably both at your most Clear-headed and receptive. is important to be Clear-headed, and this will require some time.

10.yeah, we must keep Clear-headed, away from it.

11.the yellow tea when the entrance, and you will feel Clear-headed of the lot, a cup of tea to a caring, one of a friendship tea.

12.summer in beijing is suffering, faint in day, but becomes more Clear-headed when sits in night.

13.the sheer quantity of detail would bemuse even the most Clear-headed author., we have to be Clear-headed, we ought to spend more time on learning our own excellent culture and expertise to improve our skill.

15.the beauty of nature will keep us Clear-headed, which is essential to our health. help us remain Clear-headed and not get lost in the fog mankind is willfully lost in, it is good to turn to the book of genesis.

17."but we in china remain Clear-headed and are firm in our confidence," wen said.

18.when i stay up in the night, i always drink coffee to keep Clear-headed.

19.folks always want to put you in charge because you are Clear-headed and practical. such case, does being Clear-headed now means i have no idea about love?

21.crossroads in life, a teacher reach out to us a warm hand, it is hand-signs, so we have a loss in firm, Clear-headed in thinking of.

22.we must be Clear-headed, that is, we must not believe the "nice words" of the imperialists nor be intimidated by their bluster. this terrible economy, it's even more difficult than usual to make Clear-headed decisions about what's the best way to spend your time.

24.he was too Clear-headed to deceive himself.

25.for instance, walking away from a purchase you want and returning the next day will eliminate the novelty of the situation and help you make a more Clear-headed decision. the same time, we are Clear-headed about our place and role in today's world.

27.what makes me happy is that they are independent thinkers, insightful and perceptive, Clear-headed; that they are kind; that they care about the world and its people.

28.second, to fix the economic problems of france, one should apply a Clear-headed and targeted approach.

29.would you be able to make a Clear-headed decision if your company asked you to take an early retirement?

30.a Clear-headed person will find that it is enough to be stay with himself.

31.we need those people as Clear-headed as possible.

32.Clear-headed and those who are smart in geanguanhuo after trying to find out a different way.

33.if you can go for a jog or a walk in the morning before you start work, you'll find yourself much more Clear-headed and motivated to work, which is a huge help.

34.the student was pale as he was taken away by medics but appeared Clear-headed, he said.

35.he had grown into an extremely Clear-headed, cautious, prudent young man, who was safe to rise in the world.

36.while having a lie-in helps people feel a bit more Clear-headed, they are still slow and clumsy. those cases, remember to remain calm and Clear-headed.