Claim Sentence Examples | Use Claim in a sentence

1.the civil war Claimed the life of a u.n. interpreter yesterday

2.bc: i would brag that i would allow any bandit that defeated me in solo combat to Claim leadership of the camp. it seemed fair, you know?

3.they Claim the council has prejudiced their health by failing to deal with asbestos.

4.the union Claimed a pay rise worth four times the rate of inflation.

5.all others who Claim to be his representative are just trying to generate publicity for themselves.

6.barbara follett's greatest Claim to fame is that she taught labour mps how to look good on television.

7.steffi graf Claimed a fourth wimbledon title in 1992.

8.if no such name and address of a solicitor is included in the notice of Claim, it shall be regarded as if no notice had been given.

9.he repeated his Claim that the people of trinidad and tobago backed his action

10.some people Claim that . . . but more often than not, the reverse seems to be true.

11.heart disease is the biggest killer, Claiming 180,000 lives a year.

12.he doubted their Claim to have forsaken military solutions to the civil war

13.he Claimed that it was all a conspiracy against him

14.'i had never received one single complaint against me,' Claimed the humiliated doctor

15.the Claim exposed a weak point in the structure of facts upon which his argument rested

16.he Claims a 70 to 80 per cent success rate.

17.there is already a long list of people Claiming her attention.

18.she'd no Claims on him now

19.he went to law and did not succeed in his Claim against us.

20.rival Claims to macedonian territory caused conflict in the balkans.

21.a man Claiming to be a journalist threatened to reveal details about her private life

22.this week, the solicitor-general appeared to retreat from this outrageous Claim, saying that the fec almost certainly would not ban books.

23.he can Claim to have been defeated by opponents copying his own tactics.

24.but now the original members of the chart act are trying to Claim the rights to the group's name, it was disclosed today.

25.these records now clearly revealed that the employee's Claim was entirely illegitimate; if anyone had a Claim to make, it was the firm.

26.her attorneys Claim there is no conclusive evidence that any murders took place

27.they intend to Claim for damages against the three doctors. may, however, a senior general admitted it had been done so that the women would not later Claim that they had been raped by soldiers. underground organisation has Claimed responsibility for the bomb explosion

30.we can adduce evidence to support the Claim.

31.communist party of china, your brightest! when the sun as you Claim yourself to be will shed light on my dingy home.

32.john had taken out redundancy insurance but when he tried to Claim, he was refused payment'd better consult an attorney. he will help you proceed with your Claim and tell you how much it worth? they are returning to Claim what was theirs.

35.he was surrounded by people, all with Claims on his attention.

36.the new figures cast doubt on the government's Claim to have achieved a surgical strike against military targets.

37.they diddled their insurance company by making a false Claim.

38.he was too modest to Claim the credit.