Chopper Sentence Examples | Use Chopper in a sentence

1.we broke open the crate with a blow from the Chopper.

2.the Chopper technology can help us change rotor impedance and control rotor current.

3.i got a Chopper standing by.

4.the paper analyses the dc Chopper speed-regulating system and builds its simulation model by computer simulation software matlab/ simulink. we started with the Chopper.

6.Chopper cleaning the bathroom easy to rust, especially in summer, cut tomatoes and other acidic foods, more rusty knife.

7.i heard a Chopper making rounds.

8.overhead, the Chopper roared and the big blades churned the air.

9.Chopper okay, it's time we went on the offensive!

10.shoved us into the Chopper.

11.we have a Chopper waiting on the roof.

12.i've redirected a Chopper to jackson middle school.

13.most of the cast have had rather subtle redesigns, franky looks the most dramatic, and Chopper doesn't look as if he's been changed at all.

14.but the Chopper was full of stuff. comes a candle to light you to bed, here comes a Chopper to chop off your head.

16.we already got a call in to a Chopper on its way.

17.the model for general snubber circuits is presented by means of analyzing the snubber circuit of a Chopper. begging his father to leave his motorbike in his garage after he was knocked off his Chopper and nearly killed in a recent accident.

19.if your opponent takes the bait and sends his tengus to the ground, trounce him with your other Chopper vx that are still in the sky. far, however, government response to his Chopper project has been underwhelming to say the least.

21.we need back up! send a Chopper to r-point, right now!

22.hustled her off in a Chopper.

23.found your Chopper. it's holding steady.

24.i will board the Chopper with my hostage.

25.the operating principle of ac Chopper circuit is illuminated and the value of the circuit reactor is calculated in this paper.

26.the circuit adopts pwm Chopper control mode, power factor on the system side is close to1.

27.a wind generator system using a permanent magnet synchronous generator and a boost Chopper circuit

28.they're sending a Chopper for me.

29.the crowds did not know which helicopter he was in, so they waved and shouted "bye-bye, george" at any Chopper that passed over them.

30.the Chopper's got nothing on ir but us.

31.all four appeared to be in good condition as they were brought by Chopper to the command post and taken to ambulances.

32.the simulation study and analysis of harmonic in Chopper cascade speed control system

33.current hysteresis compensation being used in low speed. single Chopper modulation compensation has been used in high-speed.

34.i can have the Chopper on the rf fueled and ready in2 minutes.

35.Chopper an emergency landing? the ground's full of electric generator windmills.

36.a new city lighting energy saver based on ac Chopper technology for city lighting system was designed.

37.application of power dc Chopper technics in the electric traction of mine

38.he hewed our way through the brambles with his sharp Chopper.

39.there's a Chopper waiting for you.

40.just as they are about to board the Chopper, kim runs toward the water tower to get rick.