Chondroid Sentence Examples | Use Chondroid in a sentence

1.results the tumor had local area of differentiated Chondroid tissue.

2.myolipoma and Chondroid lipoma are two new entities included in the recent classification.

3.chondroma of soft parts also affects the hands, but it is usually well circumscribed and has more well developed Chondroid differentiation.

4.Chondroid chordoma of pharynx and larynx ( report of 2 cases)

5.the differential diagnosis among chondrosarcoma, chordoma, and Chondroid chordoma is important due to their different prognoses.

6.the cells in Chondroid matrix were positive for s-100;

7.methods two cases of primary Chondroid parachordoma of the ulna and femur were studied by histopathological observation and immunohistochemical staining and by pathological consultation.

8.Chondroid chordoma of pharynx and larynx (report of 2 cases)

9.the calcification varies in appearance but can be stippled and amorphous, not unlike the Chondroid calcifications seen with extracranial chondrosarcomas.

10.histologically, srms was characterized by the presence of large amounts of heavily hyalinized matrix, mimicking osteoid or Chondroid tissue.

11.methods one case of Chondroid lipoma in right leg was observed by histologic, histochemical, immunohistochemical staining and was examined by electron microscopy, and related literature was also reviewed.

12.pathological study of Chondroid chordoma

13.results light microscopically, the tumor was mainly consisting of spindled and Chondroid cells.

14.conclusion: the gene expression of bmp-2 might play an important role in the formation of Chondroid tissue in pa of human parotid gland.

15.fourty one patients with intracranial chordoma near the base of the skull ( including 2 cases Chondroid chordoma) are reported along with the clinical features and histopathology and ultrastructure character.

16.methods specimen from one case of primary Chondroid parachordoma of ulna were fixated with 10% formalin.

17.all tumor cells of Chondroid chordoma have the same origin of the remnant of embryonic notochord.

18.objective to investigate the diagnosis of the primary Chondroid parachordoma of ulna and the misdiagnosis causes and the countermeasure.

19.conclusions the morphologic features of Chondroid chordomas is similar to chondrosarcoma.