Chivalry Sentence Examples | Use Chivalry in a sentence

1.we are not impressed by sea cucumber Chivalry.

2.what effects do Chivalry and dread have?

3.taught to be the epitome of honour and Chivalry these knights are known for impulsively charging into enemy ranks! the middle ages in western societies, the horse was a symbol of Chivalry and nobility.

5.marie seemed to revel in his old-fashioned Chivalry.

6.bright spirits of genius and Chivalry, lean from your paradise and welcome the little people of england!

7.he had a sort of instinctive Chivalry in him. dream is to be a real "knight" or cavalier. the Chivalry are very nobleness, i really repine it.

9.ordinary people are beginning to see that Chivalry contributes to healthy relationships, says smith.

10.i am truly moved by your Chivalry.

11.the moon's nodes move into sagittarius and gemini manifesting a sense of adventure and renewing traditional values of ethics, Chivalry, and honor. is not on account of his Chivalry that i love him& no, it is not that. do characters develop Chivalry and dread?

14.when we think of dragons, we often think of a time of Chivalry, honor, creation and action.

15.yes, and when it runs up against Chivalry? mary's a committed nurse.

16.she'll be impressed that you took the effort for her and your Chivalry will increase your chances of a second date.

17.gallantry, politesse he had a sort of instinctive Chivalry in him.

18.this courtly poetry came out of the idea of Chivalry and courtly love that you might associate with knights in shining armor.

19.Chivalry the qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women.

20.they developed a feudal system and a system of Chivalry in the earlier centuries of the christian era;

21.Chivalry, pure and passionless women, unearthly beauty, some high southern fantasy possessed them.

22.i guess it's dead, along with Chivalry and fidelity.

23.their traditions include Chivalry and all the knightly things.

24.lao she's fictions contain the distinct spirit of mohism and Chivalry.

25.should we say goodbye to Chivalry in the age of gender equality?

26.the nonexistent knight is an earthy parody of Chivalry and knighthood.

27.the legends of king arthur represent the apotheosis of Chivalry.

28.even the dullest of the Chivalry perceived that this was a plain case of "put up or shut up. "

29.who said that the age of Chivalry was dead?

30.the problem seems to be women in today's college society don't want Chivalry. was called the code of Chivalry.

32.there was not a sufficiency of Chivalry in hurry to induce him to hazard the safety of his own person.

33.he was not a student of Chivalry.

34.he seemed to be the very kind of man to do all sorts of things that were "bad form, " a man who might even go as far as Chivalry.

35.what he craved was books of poetry and Chivalry.

36.britons are allowing their manners to slip as Chivalry becomes a dying art, researchers claim.

37.would it not be common Chivalry to make her independent, if she wished?

38.the whole notion of Chivalry was about dressing it up to make it respectable. not much ~ in a lion; he has no ideals, no religion, no politics, no Chivalry, no gentility.