Cheered Sentence Examples | Use Cheered in a sentence

1.this decision Cheered her a little, for though she knew the future was bleak, at least for the time being she could hold up her head.

2.he had a cup of coffee and soon Cheered up.

3.when the result was declared the great crowd outside the town hall Cheered wildly.

4.the delegates Cheered and rose to their feet

5.i walked on and pretended not to see, till the combat grew too exciting, when i turned round and Cheered him on to victory.

6.the crowds Cheered as the queen rode past. brother was ill, but mother Cheered him up.

8.when the election results were announced, the whole assembly clapped and Cheered.

9.the boys Cheered their football team.

10.they Cheered both teams with enthusiasm.

11.we Cheered for bob's team very loudly!

12.she was Cheered and clapped by tourists who jostled to see her.

13.the assembled multitude Cheered and whistled as the political leaders arrived. wait quietly until the ship could be towed to a convenient port, Cheered the decision of the commander to take the boats.

15.then i remembered the cheque, which Cheered me up.

16.but in return, he gathered a good deal of support from friends and strangers who empathized, recommended doctors and Cheered him on.

17.old john Cheered again as the bush flayed away at its captive and of course old john had no intention of ever telling the bush to let go.

18.the crowd Cheered at the sight of the honoured guests 'motorcade.

19.everyone Cheered for the violinist at out school concert.

20.the crowd Cheered as premier wayne goss unveiled a lifesize statue of poet banjo paterson

21.the crowd Cheered the runners on as they started on the last lap of the race. was the hardest fight of kraus's life. people at the gym Cheered him on. garud kept saying he could do more. fans Cheered jakob hlasek during yesterday's match with courier.

24."now we remember! thank you, thank you!" they Cheered.

25.stephen noticed that the people around him looked Cheered by his presence

26.when he reviewed the troops they Cheered him as he smiled and raised his hat. prague, tens of thousands of czechs who flocked to hear him in the city's central square Cheered his promise of nuclear disarmament. family Cheered as i sat down.

29.the audience clapped and Cheered when she appeared.

30.the fans Cheered with abandon when their football team won.

31.when that was done, and yet nothing was found, they Cheered the actor, and loaded him with the loudest applause .

32.when they saw us, they waved and Cheered.

33.the children Cheered as the plane swept low over the village.

34.he Cheered up on christmas day itself.

35.the spectators Cheered the players on.

36.the football fans Cheered with passionate abandon.

37.zhou, who still produces a paper a month from his modest flat in beijing, is Cheered to see that pinyin is growing ever more useful.

38.i hope to the stationmaster with me can be Cheered together

39.he was Cheered when he arrived and one supporter said the prime minister had delivered a very impressive and forthright speech.

40.we all Cheered the victory.