Chaplain Sentence Examples | Use Chaplain in a sentence the prison chapel, lincoln gazes up at the Chaplain.

2.'let us pray,' said the methodist Chaplain.

3.the Chaplain came and preached to a packed church.

4.the Chaplain said the last rites .

5.when i was first ordained, i served as a hospital Chaplain.

6.i'm a Chaplain and an officer in the united states military, so i wanted to make sure the man was the same rank as i was.

7.he came to see if there was a Chaplain anywhere around.

8.the Chaplain tried to solace the wounded and dying during the battle.

9.but she said, as he came to die, he sat up on the side of the bed one day, and he asked the nurse if he could see the Chaplain.

10.a member of the armed forces who does not participate in combat ( e.g. a Chaplain or surgeon).

11.he had a distinguished record as a Chaplain

12.since you are an abbe, i will tell you that we had a Chaplain in the galleys.

13.maybe something to be a Chaplain wouldn't fit into the scheme of things, i think.

14.the shivering Chaplain robed in white.

15.if you were a religious professional , could you serve as Chaplain to a prisoner, especially one on death row?

16.the Chaplain wants to have some for the younger men.

17.good grief: i may be a Chaplain, but that doesn't mean i can't have principles! that point, a hospital Chaplain came in, and for the first time i broke down.

19.the prison Chaplain came to me in my cell and tried to make a bargain with me.

20.Chaplain: friends, we are here to watch these two lives being joined in marriage. Chaplain james o'neill sat down and wrote a prayer beseeching the almighty to "grant us fair weather for battle" . navy Chaplain joseph o'callahan was the only Chaplain to receive the congressional medal of honor during world war ii.

23.they build a rapport with staff and management and let them know that, if they need to talk, a Chaplain is available.

24.the Chaplain and his pregnant wife were driven from their bed, across the courtyard and eventually to the side of a dunghill.

25.member of armed forces whose duties do not include fighting as e.g. a Chaplain or surgeon.

26.such a matter would be unworthy of any inquiry and very unworthy of the consideration of the Chaplain.

27.he joined the 40th division as an army Chaplain.

28.the Chaplain came and preaches to a packed church.

29.he acted both as the ship's surgeon and as Chaplain for the men.

30.father march was an army Chaplain in the civil war, and in his absence jo declared herself to be the man of the family.

31.some yankee Chaplain would have written if this were true.

32.prayers were always read in it by the domestic Chaplain , within the memory of many . but the late mr. rushworth left it off .

33.i don't have time, go see the Chaplain instead!

34.congress, for example, has an official Chaplain who opens the session with prayer.

35.the base Chaplain said he'd call sid's parents. you arrived to be the first muslim Chaplain at princeton university?

37."Chaplain, i am a strong believer in prayer," he said.

38.finally, the hospital's Chaplain gave me valuable advice. "you can't fight this alone" he said.

39.the Chaplain said the last rites.