Celsius Sentence Examples | Use Celsius in a sentence

1.'the x axes here, we have the months in a year, and on the y axes here we have the temperatures in Celsius degrees. let's observe. . . '

2.forecasters say temperatures are expected to remain near 40 degrees Celsius for at least the next week, with no rain in sight.

3.so this is how to get Celsius from fahrenheit.

4.the rise in greenhouse gas emissions over the past few decades has already warmed the planet by0.8 degrees Celsius.

5.the coast of ellesmere island has also warmed an average of two degrees (Celsius) in the last 50 years, he said.

6.are the temperatures given in Celsius or fahrenheit?

7.how to get Celsius from fahrenheit.

8.during the past century, the average temperature in china increased by0.6-0.8 degrees Celsius.

9.i feel absolutely horrible. my temperature is 41 degrees Celsius, and i've got a headache and a runny nose.

10.so if you know a temperature f in fahrenheit, you can output Celsius.

11.it's about degrees Celsius this afternoon.

12.we can expect strong winds with temperatures dropping to 2 degrees Celsius.

13.as you can see, there are variables for the temperature in fahrenheit and Celsius and for the humidity.

14.white wine can be served between four degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius, although, as i said, i prefer mine on the warmer side.

15.temperatures have peaked at over thirty degrees Celsius

16.pure water sometimes does not freeze until it reaches minus 40 degrees Celsius.

17.sleep in 18 degrees Celsius temperature below, also easy to turn up, not easy to fall into a deep sleep.

18.he got a temperature of40 Celsius, his face was burning up.

19.kepler 22b contains both land and water and has temperatures which average around 72 degrees ( 22 Celsius).

20.preheat the oven to a temperature of200 degrees Celsius.

21.36 degrees Celsius! hot enough for you is it?

22.you have to convert the temperature readings from fahrenheit to Celsius.

23.you can also select fahrenheit or Celsius.

24.at what temperature do fahrenheit and Celsius thermometers give the same numerical reading?

25.its1 degrees Celsius when i landed in beijing.

26.some fruits and vegetables must be stored at zero to four degrees Celsius.

27.the preparation must be frozen in 4-8 degrees Celsius, and try to run out within a week.

28.i have a fever of40 degree Celsius.

29.with the garden, the temperature of the roof area was reduced by at least thirty degrees Celsius.

30.ice changes to liquid when the temperature rises above zero degrees Celsius.

31.let's start with a sample service component that will convert Celsius to fahrenheit.

32.the sun is hot, the surface temperature has several thousand degrees Celsius, the central temperature also wants hotly!

33.the fires took hold on saturday, after a week of temperatures of up to 45º Celsius marked the height of australia's summer.