Cellular Sentence Examples | Use Cellular in a sentence

1.protein microarrays offer a robust way of examining the Cellular proteome.

2.Cellular nutrition helps this cleansing process through a special formula of health-giving herbs and fibers.

3.macrophages are the long-lived garbage disposals of the immune system, indiscriminately engulfing and digesting Cellular debris and pathogens.

4.as such, the Cellular and molecular mechanisms of opiate-induced neuronal damage have been a focus of extensive research interest.

5.your company markets pagers and Cellular phones, is that right?

6.investigates and diagnoses blood and other genetic disorders by studying Cellular composition of blood and blood-producing tissues.

7.we therefore investigated the Cellular and molecular mechanisms of a synthetic rcgrp on rat isolated atria and arteries.

8.resources are allocated to cells of a Cellular communication system in a method wherein a load is determined in at least one of the cells.

9.Cellular senescence has been recently shown to have an important role in opposing tumour initiation and promotion.

10.they report the Cellular immune response did not change in the women, but increased among the men.

11.i know, i also customarily one of her habit, Cellular phone's vibrating will also let me have peace of mind.

12.many of the Cellular biosynthetic pathways were first elucidated.

13.the study also provided so insight into the Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved when ltb4 stimulates neuronal stem cells.

14.this creates a more efficient capacity to detoxify which is necessary to the regeneration of the Cellular structure.

15.its pathogenesis is cell proliferation and formation and contraction of Cellular membrane.

16.the result explains, this confluence albumen can the humoral immunity with revulsive airframe stronger generation and Cellular immunity.

17.an important Cellular constituent of the dermis is the mast cell.

18.we are now taking a new direction with the introduction of Cellular regeneration.

19.molecular and Cellular neurosciences.

20.overview of cell biology that provides fundamental knowledge for the study of Cellular microbiology.

21.Cellular phones are inherently insecure, as anyone can listen to and record conversations.

22.description: this is the web page of the department of molecular and Cellular biology, kyoto university.

23.mothers and daughters have the same skeletal and Cellular make up.

24.topics in mammalian learning and memory including Cellular mechanisms of neural plasticity, electrophysiology, and behavior.

25.a Cellular telephone beeped

26.many toxic effects can be studied at the Cellular level.

27.objective to observe the effect of pentachlorophenol sodium on Cellular immunity, humoral immunity and macrophage function of mice.

28.the next stage of the Cellular nutrition program is to help the cells of out body regenerate - healthy cells making copies of themselves.

29." the letter have no. " one among those persons' side says, already the side takes out a Cellular phone.

30.most Cellular proteins are manufactured on ribosomes in the cytoplasm.

31.this is the website for department of molecular and Cellular pathology, the university of queensland.

32.in effect, the usual constraints that tightly control Cellular proliferation and identity seem to have been lifted from cancer cells.

33.using modern production technologies these nanoparticles have proved to be very effective at inducing Cellular and humoral immune responses.

34." he discussed how such a Cellular therapy might be one component of a future immune- modulating " cocktail.

35.this article describes the Cellular and molecular characteristics as well as the role of mucosal immunity.

36.to Cellular phone that you use now is how much, you use everyday of that shut down.

37.while 18 months of development have improved the technology significantly, service still is often no better than that of a Cellular phone.

38.there's a new Cellular phone on the market which is waterproof.

39.when he's out on the road, office calls are forwarded to the Cellular phone in his truck

40.conclusion: vtp could improve both humoral immune function and Cellular immune function of immunosuppressed mice.