Celibacy Sentence Examples | Use Celibacy in a sentence

1.the illegitimate daughter of an ecclesiastic who has taken a vow of Celibacy.

2.my profession condemns me to Celibacy.

3.self-enforced Celibacy, by contrast, is all but unknown among other animal species.

4.there were even organizations such as the junior anti-sex league, which advocated complete Celibacy for both sexes.

5.i've stayed up communing with friends, rocking sick babies, avoiding Celibacy.

6.the abrogation of compulsory Celibacy showed the utter instability and lack of moral foundation of the sect.

7.they are sworn to Celibacy, as well, though indiscretions have been known to happen.

8.clerical_ Celibacy_ desc; clerical Celibacy was introduced to check the growing habit of bishops and clergymen allowing their church land to be inherited by their children.

9.colonel, these men have taken a supreme vow of Celibacy.

10.are you willing to make an oath of Celibacy?

11.if you ask someone out on a date and get a rejection, does that mean you're sentenced to Celibacy ?

12.one of the reasons i wrote the book was to try to bring Celibacy back as an option.

13.regret is, i originally own the house ( a son) of a perfect three people is unfortunate is my husband to pass away in the youth of1991, Celibacy one person take the son, is still a Celibacy up to now.

14.then a passionate Celibacy is all that any of us can look forward to.

15.this is achieved by strict Celibacy and ascetic practices.

16.this is why, in fact, i have decided to spend this entire year in Celibacy.

17.you know i bet none of those cultures you study practice such rigorous Celibacy.

18.has it not preached in the place of these, charity and poverty, Celibacy and mortification of the flesh, monastic life and mother church?

19.1 did the teaching of paul on Celibacy a command or an opinion?

20.gregory vii did more than any previous pope to enforce clerical Celibacy.

21.particular attention has focused on Celibacy, though many experts dismiss the idea that this could be a direct cause of abuse.

22.but the monasteries were abnormal social bodies, founded on Celibacy;

23.he took a vow of chastity and Celibacy.

24.you took a vow of Celibacy?

25.he's taken a vow of Celibacy.

26.believe me, i am conscious of the irony of going to italy in pursuit of pleasure during a period of self-imposed Celibacy.

27.dear renji, may i say that Celibacy can be practised after procreation has occurred: siddarth had a son before he forsook his riches and eventually became buddha.

28.many of his acts were deeply selfish: he did not consult his wife before imposing his vow of Celibacy on her.

29.the concept of Celibacy carries connotations of asceticism and religious fervor.

30.he rejected all suggestions of the kind, as if priestly Celibacy were one of his articles of church discipline.

31.we still take vows of poverty and Celibacy and obedience.

32.the powers-that-be believed that the only appropriate form of birth control was Celibacy.

33.there were women before you, a few, but none after. i made no conscious pledge to Celibacy; i'm just not interested.

34.the tenants of the order include fasting, Celibacy, vows of silence and other forms of asceticism.

35."we found 4% [of priests] involved in child abuse - that means for 96% Celibacy did not present a challenge in terms of child abuse. "

36.they contain a strong call to a life of personal piety and asceticism, including vegetarianism, teetotalism, and Celibacy.

37.he rejected all suggestions of the kind, as if priestly Celibacy were one of his articles of church-discipline.

38.i just want to say that i've taken a vow of Celibacy.