Celestite Sentence Examples | Use Celestite in a sentence

1.determination of strontiam sulfate in Celestite and strontiam ore

2.Celestite for the connection to the underwater worlds and communion with the sea

3.all our jewelry is middle-grade stones from russia, or referred as the Celestite-grade gemstones.

4.study on producing strontium carbonate from Celestite with reduction-dissociation method

5.experimental research of the roasting process of strontium carbonate by use of Celestite

6.metallogenic characteristics of the Celestite type sr deposit in chongqing area

7.china holds rich Celestite resources with deposits represented by large and super large simple Celestite occurrences and constituting the country's leading commercial sr source.

8.underwater worlds mineral: Celestite Celestite holds the vibration of underwater worlds in the language of light.

9.mineralization system of Celestite deposits in northwestern qaidam basin

10.in particular, the minerogenetic structures and ore forming fluids played a key role in the formation of Celestite deposits.

11.the resource status of Celestite in china is introduced. the main uses, technology, capacity, quality and price of the industrial strontium carbonate in china are analyzed.

12.the preparation of the high purity strontium carbonate by green chemical method from the Celestite

13.a soft silver-white or yellowish metallic element of the alkali metal group; turns yellow in air; occurs in Celestite and strontianite.

14.experimental study on beneficiation technology of Celestite ore from huangshi city, hubei province

15.the technology and mechanism of solution chemistry of preparation of strontium carbonate by double decomposition from Celestite concentrate were investigated.

16.study on new process for production of high purity strontium carbonate from Celestite

17.analysis of Celestite by icp-aes

18.genetic types of Celestite deposits and their prospecting direction discussed from strontium geochemistry

19.preparation of strontium carbonate from Celestite concentrate and its solution chemistry mechanism

20.strontium isotope and its geological implications of chrysanthemum-shaped Celestite of the qixia formation of permian in south china

21.determination of high content strontium in Celestite by atomic absorption spectrometry

22.comparative study of radial morphology of the Celestite chrysanthemum stone to other minerals

23.Celestite will assist initiates in communing with the element of water and discovering the peace that such communion brings.

24.Celestite ( sr) deposits in china

25.the Celestite ore was epigenetic, its mineralization substances mostly came from the triassic salty series.

26.according to the primary composition, the chrysanthemum stones in china are divided into three types: i. e. Celestite type;

27.in particular, the minerogenetic structures and ore-forming fluids played a key role in the formation of Celestite deposits.

28.determination of strontium isotopic composition in Celestite& comparison of sample decomposition using acid digestion and alkali fusion

29.this is stone factory is a large set mining, processing, sales and service company in one of Celestite.

30.Celestite is usually diagenetic but commonly forms very early in the history of the sediment.

31.design of beneficiation process for Celestite ore of qinghai province

32.fu yun jiaxiang stone factory located in china's three major Celestite (limestone) base - shandong jiaxiang.

33.characteristics and origin of chrysanthemum-shaped Celestite from western jiangxi-eastern hunan area

34.the resource features, the design of the beneficiation process, the benefit estimation of qinghai Celestite ores and the problems to be further studied were described comprehensively.

35.industry believe that st jinrui, the home of wind Celestite mine hill, is to get rid of a heavy burden.