Cawing Sentence Examples | Use Cawing in a sentence to saying a few idle words about us, we must not mind that , any more than the old church steeple minds the rooks Cawing about it .

2.manifestation: accompanied by the sound of flapping wings and Cawing crows, astaroth manifests as a hideously ugly angel.

3.a flock of Cawing ravens had just flown up from in front of her. was calling or answering other crows, and within a period of ten minutes there were five or six different notes in its Cawing.

5.since the publication of the good earth, scarce attention has been paid to the detail of a flock of crows whirring and Cawing over the head of wang long, the protagonist.

6.the study of the related factors Cawing hypoglycemia after heart coronary intervention therapy

7.some crows, scenting blood, flitted to and fro among the birches, Cawing impatiently. was already quite dark outside, and the Cawing of crows came from the roof of the workshop opposite.

9.the open desolation at the foot of the walls and their towering height filled him with foreboding as he went, so much so that he even skirted crows scavenging on the rubbish heaps for fear of startling them into inauspicious Cawing.

10.heard with alarm the Cawing of the crow.

11.mud-caked dogs roam empty streets, their barking and the Cawing of crows the only sounds.

12.i think the cars were the cause of the crows' Cawing.

13.hark the little lambs are bleating, and the Cawing rooks are meeting in the elms a noisy crowd; fact , my friends , they call me " the seagull . " imitates seagull Cawing

15.sometimes the mystics sent live flocks of them, "murders, " i believe they're called, to swoop around us, Cawing.