Cataractous Sentence Examples | Use Cataractous in a sentence

1.the comparison of two methods to predict the post-operative visual acuity of Cataractous patients

2.morphological study of the Cataractous lenses of vimentin transgenic mice

3.totally 30 senile Cataractous lenses of different degree of cataract were examined.

4.apoptosis and related gene expression in senile and congenital Cataractous lens epithelial cells

5.contusion cataract model of rats and the ultrastructure of rat Cataractous lens epithelial cells

6.analysis of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis results of senile Cataractous and normal lens protein

7.objective to establish an effective method for culture of senile Cataractous lens epithelial cells ( lec) and observe the growth of lec in vitro.

8.objective to prognosticate the retinal function in Cataractous patients with the blue flash electroretinogram ( erg).

9.levels of vitamin e and c in normal and senile Cataractous lenses

10.evaluation of the iol master with a composite signal analysis technique in measuring the axial length of Cataractous eyes can significantly inhibit the proteasome activity of Cataractous and normal lens.

12.he laser raman spectrum distribution of a normal embryo lens and a senile Cataractous lens is obviously different.

13.the ultrastructure of human and mouse Cataractous lens epithelial cell apoptosis

14.assay of the antioxidases activities in normal and senile Cataractous lens

15.the analysis of the refractive error of Cataractous eyes with high myopia after cataract surgery

16.analysis of two-dimensional electrophoresis maps of congenital total Cataractous and normal lens proteins

17.structure and histology of the eyes in normal and Cataractous rhesus monkeys a series of 100 consecutive adults with cataract surgery on 104 eyes, aging-related cataract was investigated using comprehensive presurgical evaluation of the patient, eyes, and Cataractous lens;

19.laser raman spectrum study of a normal embryo lens and a senile Cataractous lens

20.uv irradiation further decreased chaperone activity of α crystallin from selenite Cataractous lenses.

21.objective: to observe the inhibitory effect of aspirin on Cataractous lenses of rabbits induced by pingyangmycin.

22.the surface ultrastructure of superficial cortical fibers of senile Cataractous human lenses was observed by using scanning electron microscope.

23.ultrastructural and elemental analysis of human Cataractous lens the sodium selenite induced Cataractous lenses the contents of low molecular weight proteins decreased and that of high molecular weight proteins increased.

25.objective investigate the effects of lens opacities on flash electroretinogram ( f erg) and evaluate the retinal function of the Cataractous patients by preoperative erg.

26.changes of membrane function and structure in three kinds of experimental Cataractous lenses

27.method the dark adaptation erg and the flicker erg were performed before and after the Cataractous surgery.

28.objective to explore the mechanism of cataract formation through the study of ca 2+-atpase gene expression in clear and Cataractous lens epithelium.

29.objective: to observe the ultrastructural changes in the senileCataractous lens. method: ultrastructural changes in senile Cataractous lens was observed with transmission electron microscope ( tem).

30.ultrastructural changes in senile Cataractous lens

31.application of yag laser to Cataractous operation

32.the morphology and size of the epithelial cells of human Cataractous lens were studied after 8 days of tissue culture.

33.influence of scutellaria baicalensis georgi on expression of antioxidase in Cataractous lens of rats induced by sodium selenite

34.laser phacoemulsification on Cataractous eyes with shallow anterior chamber

35.combined detection with f-erg and m-erg to Cataractous retinal function before operation and gsh-px expression in Cataractous lens of rats induced by sodium selenite