Cargoes Sentence Examples | Use Cargoes in a sentence

1.the Cargoes they carried are also counted by automatic calculators at the loading ports. routes around xi'an in ming dynasty commercial Cargoes are transported by highway, water and rail.

3.our logistics system under construction can deliver Cargoes to every corner in the world.

4.water transportation refers to the transportation business of carrying Cargoes or passengers through rivers, lakes and streams and other natural and artificial water courses or sea lanes.

5.the ship carried Cargoes of food and other goods.

6.british ships were used to carry the new Cargoes from one corner of the world to another.

7.saudi arabia is ending a lease for some of the vast storage facilities in the caribbean it used to dispatch Cargoes to us refineries.

8.yes, we are using more and more containerized vessels for Cargoes destined for that area.

9.this ship embarked passengers and Cargoes. your Cargoes are shipped all year around to you, we make it a rule to cover insurance under open cover.

11.all the import and export Cargoes must be declared to the customs.

12.if the Cargoes cannot be found within a few days, we will file our claim for the full settlement of them.

13.but banks can use physical oil Cargoes to offset their quota of derivative positions.

14.the ship embarked passengers and Cargoes at an italian port the vessel is fully loaded with cargo for shanghai. addition, freight rate risk is greater in the wet Cargoes markets.

16.we ship all types of fak Cargoes, which include garments, toys, electronics and plastics goods.

17.Cargoes include general and bulk Cargoes.

18.the sales manager didn't tell anybody how much he had paid to clear Cargoes at the customs. company insured ships and their Cargoes against loss and sea.

20.the Cargoes exported by this foreign trade company are not only great in variety but good in quality.

21.the shuttle was to be a multipurpose ship that would carry all of america's government and commercial Cargoes into space.

22.subcommittee on containers and Cargoes

23.the russian official said the two leaders also will sign an agreement on transit across russia of u. s. military Cargoes to afghanista.

24.the freighter put in at the port to take on Cargoes. does the steamer call at shanghai harbour? the case of a port tallyman, concurrently engaging in loading, unloading or storing Cargoes.

26.gazprom has no lng of its own yet but is trading a few Cargoes a year to build expertise.

27.sea Cargoes to and from hong kong are carried both by liners and bulk vessels.

28.the paper analyzes the character of vehicle configure problem of large-quantity Cargoes transportation with strict time constraint.

29.compliance with all regulations in all countries of passage will minimize problems and delays with these types of Cargoes.

30.on the docks there are many warehouses with various import and export Cargoes in them.

31.and because inflation is pushing up the value of Cargoes, insurance costs are going up as well.

32.dangerous Cargoes list is more and more. a lot of products are in forbidden list by air. principle, the rates vary with different insured Cargoes.

34.asian-bound Cargoes from rail to ship at hongkong without mishap.

35.air transportation refers to the transportation business of carrying Cargoes or passengers through air routes.

36.all ships of any kind bound for cuba from whatever nation or port will, if found to contain Cargoes of offensive weapons, be turned back.

37.all Cargoes are required to be marked and numbered on the outside.

38.a ship designed to hold containerized Cargoes.

39.prices on those Cargoes tumbled after the shale gas boom in the united states dried up demand outside europe.

40.however, ships coming out of use as storage had competed unexpectedly hard for Cargoes.