Careworn Sentence Examples | Use Careworn in a sentence

1.Careworn irish taxpayers are asking how a small, flexible, and pro-business economy failed to anticipate the impending disaster.

2.that could be the more Careworn men of anfield, old trafford or stam-ford bridge.

3.he was calm; but the agitation of the night was legible in his pale and Careworn visage.

4.he was small for his age, being fourteen, but his face was as lined and Careworn as a man of thirty-five.

5.her face was Careworn with anxiety.

6.her kindly , Careworn face expressed nothing but anxiety and alarm.

7.and as the old man slowly pronounced those words, an air of profound resignation spread itself over his Careworn countenance.

8.he looked Careworn and refused to talk.

9.he looked now more Careworn and emaciated than as we described him at the scene of hester's public ignominy; the end, he misses his old Careworn , well-loved robe, as well as everything that went along with it.

11.parents are Careworn and that is mostly because of kids. old and Careworn face but on second thoughts turning pale.

13.j . j . o molloy s white Careworn face was told that mr lambert was in the warehouse with a visitor.

14.her mother, who couldn't have been much more than thirty, looked old and Careworn.

15.she detected in his face a Careworn, grief-stricken expression.

16.Careworn life and natural life: a comparison between the north folk song and the south folk song in chinese ancient times

17.kozlovskys face was Careworn ; he too looked as if he had not slept all night

18.the old woman had a Careworn look on her face.

19.the flames flared up again, and lighted up the delighted and Careworn faces of the crowd around it.

20.the north folk songs which have the confliction of the heroic complex and the native land complex and the disobey of the love and the marriage and the dual sufferings of the material and the mental, has the connotation of Careworn life;