Caressed Sentence Examples | Use Caressed in a sentence

1.the spring wind Caressed our faces. francisca and i said our farewells at the airport, i Caressed her cheek.

3.she Caressed my face with her unhurt hand, and told me that it was the fault of the war.

4.mother Caressed his cheek lovingly before her son left for the front.

5.he Caressed my hair.

6.he Caressed her face; they Caressed in the back seat of the taxi.

7.i Caressed, in order to soothe him.

8.his hands Caressed her tumbled hair gently , soothingly , and his voice was gentle too.

9.the mother Caressed her baby. order for a woman to feel loved, she needs to be held, cuddled and Caressed.

11.she Caressed the creature gently, and it stopped struggling.

12.his fingers Caressed the back of her neck.

13.if my eyes were open when he came in on such a predatory trip, he at once came up to me with an honest face, and climbed on and Caressed me.

14.your most marked characteristic? a craving to be loved, or, to be more precise, to be Caressed and spoiled rather than to be admired.

15.mary smith gently Caressed the wounded tree, just as she would have Caressed him. fingers gently Caressed the familiar black-and-white piano keys.

17.she sigh gently, her finger Caressed his cheek.

18.the child was Caressed by his mother with her hand.

19.his hands Caressed her waist gently before they fell and he moved slowly back to take the surrey on to the barn.

20.she Caressed his cheek lovingly.

21.what i needed was to be Caressed by fanfan's gentle gaze.

22.the breeze Caressed my face gently.

23.he Caressed his wife lovingly.

24.not even the one who Caressed me and forgot.

25.a gentle breeze brushed against ( or Caressed) the girl's beautiful hair. you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when in egypt your bosom was Caressed and your young breasts fondled.

27.and it is a day permeated with the incarnation of glory, happiness and Caressed by tears and memories.

28.his hands Caressed her tumbled hair gently, soothingly, and his voice was gentle too., in the summer, i Caressed collar grass ring. an adult, her fantasy is about having her breasts Caressed by a faceless stranger who reaches over her head.

31.she Caressed my hand and looked deep into my eyes.

32.she still remembered the cool breezes that Caressed her skin as she lay on the gritty sand.

33.he said , as his finger Caressed the delicate , warm , secret skin of her waist and hips.

34.the baby loves being Caressed.

35.his hard features smiled as he Caressed them. fingers Caressed its golden wood.

37.she Caressed her baby lovingly.

38.though weak, she Caressed the cat and would not allow me to take him.

39.his hand Caressed her hair.

40.he seemed to enjoy being Caressed and the small tail was also relaxed.