Carelessly Sentence Examples | Use Carelessly in a sentence

1.there would be an accident if you drive Carelessly like this.

2.the boy said he was trying to catch a fish near the river bank and Carelessly fell into the water.

3.he sat down at his desk and looked Carelessly at the drawing that owen handed to him.

4.but Carelessly become your encumbrance. had so big eyes but it was not able to see the surrounding, brushing my forehead Carelessly.

6.he has proven his loyalty to you on several occasions, sir, and i would not discard my hard-earned friendship with him so Carelessly.

7.what sort of person Carelessly loses objects equal to the gdp of a third world country? shouldn't drive so Carelessly. it's dangerous.

9.he Carelessly glanced through the note and got away.

10.worst of all is to turn a secret crush into a bold public confession by Carelessly making a mistake entering your crush.

11.she drove so Carelessly that the gentleman in the front row was killed in the accident.

12.but he rode so fast that he knocked an old lady down Carelessly.

13.'oh,' he said Carelessly. 'i'm in no hurry to get back.'

14.remember the day i borrowed your high-ranking game account and deleted it Carelessly?

15.he Carelessly left the garage door unlocked

16.don't bundle all the clothes into that bag so Carelessly. had not only lost its electronics, but Carelessly, its country too.

18.the boy wrote his sentence on the blackboard Carelessly, and he had to go over it.

19.he has gone to see the doctor because he cut his finger Carelessly.

20.i have to say that you did the work very Carelessly.

21.early in the libyan crisis he Carelessly said he would "not dare disturb" his friend, colonel qaddafi, about the violence in his country.

22.i broke the teapot Carelessly.

23.Carelessly, i knocked my teacup over and the tea went all over the tablecloth.

24.he talked with me Carelessly.

25.the child whipped through his homework Carelessly.

26.t use time or words Carelessly. neither can be retrieved. life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.

27.after thinking a while, he said Carelessly: " if i have not met you , i may have another guy who might be way better than you. "

28.products must be strictly, not Carelessly, inspected before they leave the factory.

29.the essay was Carelessly proofread.

30.i Carelessly did stray.

31.take care not to crumple your dress by packing it Carelessly.

32.i found your glove which you'd Carelessly dropped outside.

33.he Carelessly miswrites common words.

34."i forget them after i kill them," he replied Carelessly.

35.i Carelessly knocked the jug against the tap and broke it.

36.g: i feel awfully sorry, miss. i have broken the thermos bottle on the desk Carelessly.

37.the boy Carelessly put the cup on the edge of the table and it fell off.

38.the job has been done very Carelessly; this is really serious.

39.he Carelessly let slip this information in conversation with a journalist.