Cardboard Sentence Examples | Use Cardboard in a sentence

1.or, for about a dollar, you can build a solar stove out of aluminum foil and Cardboard.

2.we would use Cardboard box for this batch of toys. these shadow plays, the figures are made of Cardboard with translucent paper for the eyes and mouth.

4.she would have to wait in the truck, fanning herself with a piece of Cardboard

5.Cardboard might not be so bad . we'll be able to pick it up and move it wherever we want. it my imagination or is that a Cardboard sky?

7.however i looked carefully and could easily see the white Cardboard.

8.would houstonians be happy with such a Cardboard cut-out of a spacecraft as enterprise has become?

9.the goods shall be packed in Cardboard boxes. tasted bland and insipid, like warmed Cardboard.

11.give the Cardboard two or three coats of varnish to harden it.

12.examine the jar and the Cardboard.

13.he reached into the Cardboard box beside him

14.we use Cardboard boxes.

15.get yourself a box file (or just a large Cardboard box will do) and stick a label on the front saying "finances" .

16.the astronauts made the connector from a plastic bag, Cardboard, and tape.'d swear he was a Cardboard cut-out except that he'd moved his rifle

18.could you help me find my Cardboard box?

19.patterson pointed toward a plain Cardboard box beneath a long wooden table.

20.379. i can hardly pardon his discarding the hardware and Cardboard in the harbour.

21.or to put it plainly: building steel doors into Cardboard houses is only of limited use.

22.i came home laden with Cardboard boxes

23.the gift arrived in a Cardboard box.

24.angel said he would show me the best hamburger joint in the city. "real meat, none of that big corporation Cardboard crap. "

25.i sewed the new soles to the shoes with copper wire and put the Cardboard back inside.

26.then he made two Cardboard rockets.

27.she used a knife to cut the Cardboard.

28.i'll move house, and so i need some corrugated Cardboard boxes.

29.the rest of the space was taken up by Cardboard boxes piled right to the ceiling, ten deep.

30.i made a full-size Cardboard model.

31.the Cardboard box was crushed.

32.the sophisticated combination of the plastic materials and Cardboard saves resources and environment in terms of resources and recycling.

33.i also received my prize: a life-size Cardboard replica of a character from star trek.

34.packing in Cardboard box with a little bit of flower design is suitable for di lay in supermarkets.

35.i also included another tag, which gave each box a number because all Cardboard boxes look identical.

36.he took several pieces of a bridge out of a Cardboard box where he kept the things he still had to do and began to polish the gold.

37.jacob realized that there was no way he could stop himself falling head first into the Cardboard box.

38.i fixed it with Cardboard and tacks.

39.he took a large Cardboard box out of the back of the car and carried it to her front door.