Carcinomatous Sentence Examples | Use Carcinomatous in a sentence

1.conclusion the typical findings of the Carcinomatous lymphangitis are the important clue to diagnose the lung carcinoma.

2.a clinical study on haemodynamic changes and biphasic helical ct findings of hepatic carcinoma with Carcinomatous embolus in portal vein

3.the expression of pcna protein was close related with thyroid Carcinomatous pathological type, tnm stage and postoperative survival time ( p 0.01).

4.objective to observe the fine distribution and morphologic feature of lymphatics of gastric carcinoma, to go further into Carcinomatous metastasis mechanism.

5.objective to probe into the surgical treatment for Carcinomatous colonic obstruction of advanced age.

6.objective: to observe and test the effect of jietongding for external use on Carcinomatous pain. of Carcinomatous change rate of colorectal flat lesions

8.methods the ct films of the 6 cases of lung carcinoma with Carcinomatous lymphangitis proved pathologically were reviewed retrospectively.

9.molecule and cellular mechanisms of Carcinomatous change in gastrointestinal disorders

10.though the patient died from pulmonary Carcinomatous lymphangitis, the primary lesion showed cr.

11.combined treatment to primary hepatocellular carcinoma complicated with Carcinomatous ascites

12.methods: the outcome of bronchoscopy in 27 cases of lung cancer with Carcinomatous cavity was analyzed retrospectively.

13.usefulness of high resolution ct in the diagnosis of pulmonary Carcinomatous lymphangitis

14.differential diagnosis value of pleural fluid ada and cea detection for tuberculous pleuritis and Carcinomatous pleuritis

15.misdiagnosis analysis of pulmonary lymphomatosis Carcinomatous

16.friable sandstone; friable Carcinomatous tissue; friable curds formed in the stomach.

17.quantitative study on cellular apoptosis in patients with Carcinomatous ascites and its peripheral lymphocytes before and after chemotherapy

18.objective: to discuss the effective method to treat Carcinomatous pleural effusion with bcg-csn.

19.correlation analysis of nasopharyngeal atypical hyperplasia and Carcinomatous changes in chemical carcinogenesis in rats

20.inhibitory effects of actinomycin 23-21 on transplanted tumors of human nasopharyngeal Carcinomatous cells and gastric Carcinomatous cells in nude mice

21.pilot study of texture feature within Carcinomatous tissue in mr bladder imaging

22.influence of low-intensity aerobic exercise intervention on patients with Carcinomatous lassitude

23.objective to investigate the distribution and significance of transforming growth factor-β_1 ( tgf β_1) 、 collagen fiber and reticular fiber, as well as effect of Carcinomatous change on the distribution in patients with cirrhosis.

24.aim: to study the relationship between chronic hyperplastic chorditis and Carcinomatous changes.

25.carcinosarcoma of the esophagus is a rare malignant tumor composed of both Carcinomatous and sarcomatous elements. study the clinical and electrophysiological characteristics of Carcinomatous lambert& eaton myasthenic syndrome ( lems).

27.conclusion this therapeutic method can effectively relieve the intractable Carcinomatous pain of epigastrium.

28.experimental study of expression of tumor markers in pancreatic Carcinomatous tissue

29.conclusion: klt has both anti-tumor and chemotherapeutic sensitivity enhancing effects to Carcinomatous cells of plc.

30.results there was no lymphatics in Carcinomatous centre region, but the lymphatic density and appearance rate in periphery region was much more than normal region.

31.a comparative analysis in 420 cases of tuberculous pleurisy and 14 cases of Carcinomatous pleurisy

32.relationship between multiple adhesion molecules expression in gastric carcinoma and organic selection of gastric Carcinomatous metastasis

33.if the disorder repair for the hepatic injury means possible Carcinomatous change, does the oval cell take part in the formation of the hepatic cellular cancer ( hcc)? analysis of surgical treatment for non-small cell lung cancer with Carcinomatous pleuritis vaccination of gastric Carcinomatous cell in caudal vein of nude mice, metastasis node of lung is detected.