Carcasses Sentence Examples | Use Carcasses in a sentence and chum salmon Carcasses lie tangled in linguine strands of tidal sedge. slaughter line operations, clean and unclean operations are physically separated and individually manned to avoid contamination of Carcasses and edible by-products.

3.can used to haul the Carcasses should be steam-cleaned and sterilized. must not eat their meat or touch their Carcasses; they are unclean for you.

5.research on automatic inspections of grading features of beef Carcasses and beef grading system

6.the stench from the rotting Carcasses has begun to disturb residents of brisbane and large towns.

7.most often, Carcasses or meat are contaminated by campylobacter from faeces during slaughtering. woman danced in a skeleton suit, with a u. s. flag over her shoulders, and dragging two bloodied animal Carcasses.

9.then birds of prey came down on the Carcasses, but abram drove them away.

10.what was happening in the aquarium was a mystery. each week, keepers were finding shark Carcasses in the bottom of the tank. researchers extracted chemical compounds from 10 putrefying lamprey Carcasses.

12.anyone who picks up their Carcasses must wash his clothes, and he will be unclean till evening.

13.the scene is sickeningly familiar: thousands of pig, sheep and cow Carcasses being piled on funeral pyres.

14.routine post-mortem examination is routinely carried out to ensure that the Carcasses and its organs are disease free.

15.lead ammunition left behind in Carcasses by hunters has been proven to be a deadly hazard for condors that rely on this food source.

16.among the route there are many visible reminders of accidents, wrecked Carcasses of lorries and trucks lie scattered around at the bottom.

17.pathological waste: recognizable body parts and contaminated animal Carcasses;

18.we have found that densities of insectivorous songbirds can be higher along salmon streams than along waterways that do not support spawning salmon, suggesting that the bird communities respond to the abundance of insects produced by the harvest of salmon Carcasses. the horror of avian-minded environmentalists, eagle Carcasses began piling up in the altamont pass.

20.stockbrokers, hedge fund managers, bankers, lawyers and property investors have all donned white coats to learn how to carve up the cow, pig and lamb Carcasses that hang from hooks in the chilled room at the back of the shop.

21.both men had direct contact with dead chickens when feeding Carcasses to their dogs.

22.and i will lay the dead Carcasses of the children of israel before their idols; and i will scatter your bones round about your altars. are not to eat their meat or touch their Carcasses.

24.the chemical composition of the Carcasses of broilers from two chinese native strains of meat-type chickens, beijing fatty chickens and shiqi yellow-feather chickens was studied.

25.and the Carcasses of this people shall be meat for the fowls of the heaven, and for the beasts of the earth; and none shall fray them away.

26.large cats, including tigers and leopards, kept in capacity and fed on infected poultry Carcasses, have also been infected and developed severe disease.

27.and he that shall carry such Carcasses, shall wash his clothes, and shall be unclean until evening: because all these things are unclean to you.

28.take a few days ago when, mr. zhou found form on the back wheel has been refining its stand watch no. of Carcasses.

29.many smokeless, odorless incinerators for disposal of animal Carcasses are available commercially.

30.and hang me up with your Carcasses?

31.control measures on farms have included culling, disinfection, and safe disposal of Carcasses.

32.he said poisoned animals were a danger to birds and animals feeding on the Carcasses as well as hungry people tempted to cook and eat the meat.

33.however, slaughter, defeathering, handling Carcasses of infected poultry, and preparing poultry for consumption, especially in household settings, are likely to be risk factors. old flat is covered with Carcasses of mosquitos all over the walls because i never bothered to clean up , as a warning .

35.a trail lined by putrescent Carcasses.

36.good hygienic slaughtering practices reduce contamination of Carcasses by faeces, but do not guarantee the absence of ehec from products.

37.a study of several Carcasses showed the birds died of internal bleeding.

38.thanks for vast herds of bison to kill and skin leaving the Carcasses to rot.

39.they created traffic jams, filled the streets with their droppings and, when they died, their Carcasses.

40.the case reportedly had direct contact with diseased chickens during the disposal of Carcasses.