Carburizing Sentence Examples | Use Carburizing in a sentence

1.atmosphere directly generated from air and kerosene in heat treatment furnaces is a very praetical Carburizing atmosphere.

2.abstract: the relationship between fatigue limit and prior austenite grain size has been studied by means of rotating bending fatigue tests for microalloyed case Carburizing steels.

3.employing abrasive machining for the form of the gear and intellective-control Carburizing and quenching technology for the surface, the gear is with high intensity, strong tenacity and wearability.

4.this system has higher con-trolling precision and reliability, and is suitable for the control of gas, Carburizing of the one or multiple pit furnaces.

5.the conclusions in this paper provide scientific basis for optimizing Carburizing technology of part corner. on brightening treatment of austenitic stainless steel after low temperature plasma Carburizing

7.the distortion of gears and gear shafts resulting from Carburizing and quenching is difficult to avoid in production, and the reduction in distortion is a difficult problem in technique.

8.meanwhile the Carburizing speed is increased, the metallurgical structure is improved, the satisfactory results are obtained.

9.the case-hardening or Carburizing process is in wide use.

10.influence of plasma Carburizing temperature on microstructure and properties of carburized layer for aisi 316l stainless steel on grinding hammer reinforcement by solid Carburizing

12.the carburization rate can be increased 20% compared with the conventional carburization process by using re catalyzed Carburizing. on the plasma Carburizing process of the roller of large bearing

14.the method of eliminating carbon can solve availably Carburizing defect of steel casting was proved by practical production.

15.steel for Carburizing is usually a low-carbon steel of about 0. 15% carbon that would not in itself responds appreciably to heat treatment.

16.analysis and measure of prick gear Carburizing quenching distortion of automobile rear bridge

17.the microstructure and property of alloy Carburizing steel forged parts after general normalizing and isothermal normalizing were studied.

18.the amount and the depth of Carburizing on the casting surface can be obtained approximately by a calculating formula.

19.the better technological process now is the step control of carbon potential during Carburizing .

20.cycle time: amount of time product spends in a furnace at specified temperature for the purpose of Carburizing or hardening product.

21.Carburizing: the process of heating steel to a high temperature for a specific period of time while in contact with a material or gas which is high in carbon content. monitoring and control for pit-type Carburizing furnace based on ipc-plc

23.controlled atmospheres for quenching and Carburizing of general machine parts

24.the low-temperature re Carburizing technology is explored by a series of tests.

25.carry out a research into the application of bipolar thyristor to the Carburizing furnace control system.

26.purpose: widely used for the Carburizing and quenching of gears, bearings, shafts and other mechanical parts.

27.optimization of cam's Carburizing and quenching technology of high-powered marine diesel engine

28.low temperature plasma Carburizing is an effective process of improving mechanical property of austenitic stainless steel.

29.cycle time : amount of time product spends in a furnace at specified temperature for the purpose of Carburizing or hardening product.

30.the feature of the microstructure of the silicon- aluminizing coating and its anti-Carburizing property were analyzed and studied. on the effect of pattern materials on the steel casting surface Carburizing in epc process can be quenched in a controlled atmosphere, thin Carburizing, carbonitriding heat treatment process.

33.research on microstructure and properties of Carburizing alloy steel treated by intensive quenching process

34.mathematical analysis and calculation about surface Carburizing of steel casting in epc

35.a concept of critical cooling rate given in this paper for Carburizing and post heat treatment of steel. on the autogenously grinding hammer of rubbing machine by solid Carburizing

37.liquid nitriding adds more nitrogen and less carbon than either cyaniding or Carburizing in cyanide baths.

38.Carburizing, cyaniding, and induction hardening are some of the processes commonly used to produce the case hardening effect.