Carburized Sentence Examples | Use Carburized in a sentence

1.steel - determination and verification of the depth of Carburized and hardened cases.

2.results showed that contact fatigue property of Carburized gear samples was better than that of nitrided gear samples.

3.eddy current testing system of Carburized materials was developed by using ansys software as second development platform.

4.the facts have proved that this instrument can meet the need of actual manufacture for the depth of Carburized layer measurement.

5.the requirement for retained austenite content in the Carburized or carbonitrided case will vary with the type of product.

6.this paper compared several testing methods of Carburized depth of high air pressure drill and evaluated their accurately and practicality.

7.the metal Carburized layer depth is one of the major technical parameter to evaluate the quality of Carburized components.

8.rare earths can getCarburized granules on the surface of alloy steel fined, with diffusion even, the Carburized layer thickened.

9.state structure and transformation of carbides in Carburized layers are analyzed by use of telescope, x-ray diffraction and energy spectrum.

10.furthermore, the kinetic equation of Carburized layer growth was presented.