Carburization Sentence Examples | Use Carburization in a sentence is wrong to think that the content of iron has already been saturated and is not telated to the process of Carburization .

2.the study on Carburization of molten iron of bf at dropping process;

3.fatigue properties of three case hardening steels for heavy duty gears after Carburization were investigated by means of rotating bending fatigue tests. numerical modeling and craft optimization on steel parts of various shapes

5.Carburization process requires a high precision measurement and control system to control the carburizing quality of processed parts.

6.application of gas Carburization on the heat treatment of refractory forming die on Carburization mode and law of steel casting in epc process

8.the principle and method of determining Carburization reaction coefficient using steel& foil method was discussed.

9.the results show that re can decrease activation energy for carburizing and expedite Carburization.

10.the valid controlution of Carburization atmosphere during the later stage of sintering-hip can directly prepare gradient cemented carbides.

11.Carburization is the heat treatment process which carbon atoms permeate into the steel work form its surface.

12.the principle and method of determining Carburization reaction coefficient using steel -- foil method was discussed.

13.the factors influencing Carburization of steel castings in epc and its preventive measures

14.emphasis has put on a process to achieve high concentration Carburization by using heterogeneous austenite Carburization.

15.the Carburization-quenching continuous process of a jominy specimen was simulated by this method, and then the effect of Carburization on follow-up quenching process was discussed.

16.development and industrial examination of a low coking and Carburization resistant coating for ethylene pyrolysis furnaces: part i a discussion on coke deposition in furnace tubes of delayed coking unit

17.defective Carburization of diesel engine components and its countermeasure

18.effect of deformation and polygonization on diffusion of carbon atoms during Carburization of steel 20 this paper, the corrosion of materials in carbonaceous atmospheres at high temperatures is reviewed, including metal dusting and internal Carburization.

20.Carburization characteristics and wear behavior of new type meta bainitic steel were studied.

21.influence of foundry coke and metallurgical coke on hot metal Carburization impurities behavior and control in dy metallurgy

22.technical requirements of manganese carbonate ore powder Carburization of sponge ferromanganese for manganese oxide fines containing coal by microwave heating

23.the Carburization rate can be increased 20% compared with the conventional Carburization process by using re catalyzed carburizing.

24.analysis on theory about rare-earth element Carburization on diesel engine piston pin

25.establishment and application of carbon profile mathematical model describing high-carbon-concentration deep-Carburization process

26.the mechanism of Carburization of metallic w powders has been investigated.

27.this model is used to achieve the calculation and actual time control of deep Carburization with high concentration.

28.the result shows that Carburization was the major factors inducing the failure of the furnace tubes.

29.the effect of secondary hardening is strengthened by means of Carburization with tempering.

30.replacing coke with gas-a way beneficial to both natural gas market and metallurgic one; influence of foundry coke and metallurgical coke on hot metal Carburization reduction Carburization processing for ultrafine wc-based hardmetal powder materials; sintered tungsten carbide compact bit had catalysis on the reduction and Carburization reaction.

33.remaining safety and useful life of high temperature components are always degraded by service induced material damage including creep, thermal fatigue, over heat oxidation, Carburization, etc.

34.Carburization and its harm to ethylene cracking tubes is introduced.

35.mechanism of tial based alloy surface Carburization was investigated based on the determination of the kinetics curves of tial based alloy surface Carburization at different temperatures and the analysis of the microstructure and composition of the surface Carburization layer. this paper, the Carburization behavior and its effects on the mechanical properties of several commercial alloy steels for pyrolysis furnace tubes were studied.

37.effect of catalyst alloy of high temperature Carburization on synthetic diamond

38.standard test method for determining deCarburization and Carburization in hardened and tempered threaded steel bolts, screws and studs