Carboxyl Sentence Examples | Use Carboxyl in a sentence

1.if the alkaline dye solution, the main molecular fragment and hair play a role in the Carboxyl.

2.preparation of alkyl functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes using the esterification of bromoalkane and Carboxyl group

3.schiff's bases are intermediates in a number of enzymatic reactions involving interaction of the enzyme with amino or Carboxyl groups of the substrate.

4.the effects of the length of alkyl-chain, the polar group and the number of Carboxyl group on rust-inhibiting properties and solubility were investigated in systematically.

5.partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide carried by divalent ions with Carboxyl reaction.

6.each fatty acid consists of a hydrocarbon chain with a Carboxyl group at one end.

7.objective: to prepare oxidized cellulose from the natural cellulose and to evaluate its quality through structure, Carboxyl content and bioabsorbability.

8.the corn starch was modified into oxidized starch containing both Carboxyl and aldehyde groups by chemical method, which provided a new clean tanning agent for leather industry.

9.structure and properties of polycaprolactone-based polyurethane dispersion with sulfo group or Carboxyl in soft segment increase in hydrogen ions within cell walls would decrease ionization of Carboxyl groupings of the cellulosic fraction .

11.synthesis and characterization of poly ( aromatic ether ketone) containing side Carboxyl increase in hydrogen ions within cell walls would decrease ionization of Carboxyl groupings of the cellulosic fraction.

13.( chemistry) relating to or containing the Carboxyl group or Carboxyl radical.

14.Carboxyl reduction the Carboxyl groups of all amino acids undergo organic reactions leading to the formation of amides, esters, and acid halides.

15.synthesis of Carboxyl methyl cellulose and methyl methacrylate graft copolymers research on development of aromatic Carboxylic coordination compounds

16.nile red and nile blue derivatives with Carboxyl or amino or hydroxyl group were synthesized, which were used to tag biological molecules.

17.plants, whereas the 27-Carboxyl homologue is present in a limited number of natural resources.

18.a cationic natural organic high polymer flocculant was obtained by means of reaction of Carboxyl methyl with guar.

19.chemical modification studies showed that the sulfhydryl, guanido, amino, Carboxyl and indolyl groups may participate in the active center of the enzyme.

20.treat a chemical compound with Carboxyl or Carboxylic acid.

21.this complex has a3d framework supramolecular structure due to the coordinated water molecules via hydrogen bonds to the oxygen atoms of the Carboxyl groups.

22.syntheses, structures and performances of coordination polymers with Carboxyl and n-containing heterocyclic ligands

23.recombinant human-like collagen with a hexahistidine tail attacked to the Carboxyl end could be purified by metal-chelated affinity adsorption.

24.synthesis of Carboxyl methyl guar flocculant and its flocculating property

25.containing two Carboxyl groups per molecule.

26.the result of infrared chromatographic analysis showed that: both the amino group and Carboxyl group participated in the chelating reaction. each factor, Carboxyl content within the range is increased and the trend.

28.synthesis and characterization of magnetic polymer microspheres with surface Carboxyl groups

29.introduction Carboxyl group to vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymer in aqueous phase

30.corn starch can be oxidated and hydrolyzed to polymer which contains multi-Carboxyl in the presence of the alkali, oxygen and catalyst. organic acid characterized by one or more Carboxyl groups.

32.these sites include, Carboxyl, epoxy, amino and the like.

33.mechanism of Carboxyl and carbonyl groups in carrier surface of catalyst for vinyl acetate synthesis

34.the results indicate that Carboxyl group is strongly interacted with mmt.

35.Carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex. c benzene latex. high-styrene rubber. waterproof construction latex. carpet for Carboxyl sbr latex.

36.degradability of poly(ε-caprolactone) bearing pendant Carboxyl groups in condensation polymerization, each monomer unit must have at least two functional groups.

37.the fact that ir vibrating peaks of the Carboxyl group have made a wide and split peak is explained in this paper.

38.this paper reports an improved headspace gas chromatographic method for determination of Carboxyl group content in wood fibers.

39.the effect of the amount of hydrogen-peroxide and catalyst, reaction time and amount of water on the Carboxyl content was investigated.