Carbonize Sentence Examples | Use Carbonize in a sentence

1.the effects of minerals ( oxides) on coke microstructure are studied by adding 13 types of different oxides into coal to Carbonize using optical microscopy and x-ray powder diffraction.

2.preparation of al ( oh)_3 and al_2o_3 nano-powders by Carbonize w/ o microemulsion system

3.thermogravimetric results indicate that the ifr takes part in the decomposition reactions of pp and promotes it to Carbonize as the ifr pp undergoes heating and burning.

4.the adhesive strength to Carbonize steel, thermal properties and aging resistance were determined.

5.the cuo phase in the surface layer of the catalyst was easily reduced in h_2 atmosphere, while the bulk α-fe_2o_3 was difficult to Carbonize in syngas atmosphere due to the weakening of cu promoter effect.

6.determination of trace elements as, ba, cd, cr, pb, se by icp-aes with Carbonize-acid-dissolution method for digesting pvc plastics

7.this paper analyzes the cause of Carbonize and freeze-thaw damage of concrete hydraulic structure, and provides corresponding measures to prevent them.

8.the principle and application of Carbonize-acid-dissolution method for digesting organic matter

9.while under high temperature the olefin is liable to Carbonize and produces sediment in the engine which greatly influences the function of the automobile.

10.when ph ≥ 13.6, the Carbonize steel is not corrupted owing to passivate in concrete pore solution of the ω( nacl) < 3%.

11.the result indicated that the specific surface of polyaniline resin carbon were declined with the Carbonize temperature to hoist.

12.on Carbonize and freeze-thaw damage of concrete hydraulic structure and its prevention

13.sometimes it is necessary to Carbonize wool fibers or yarn before they are made into cloth.

14.the material exhibit various surface and internal atomic arrangement and chemical state with different Carbonize temperature.

15.the samples foam and expand during the combustion process, and they Carbonize and extinguish right after being deviated from fire, without melting and dropping and with low smoking.

16.application of cooling treatment technology in hate treatatment for high alloy Carbonize steel

17.the result shows that the microstructure and pore distribution vary with different wood; porosity of the char raises and the corresponding density drop with the increase of Carbonize temperature.

18.the effect of chlorine ions on corrosion of Carbonize steel in simulated concrete pore solutions

19.the main aim of this research is to obtain the best carbonization temperature and carbonization time by means of experiments, which is to Carbonize 1 hour under 800 ℃.

20.Carbonize-acid-dissolution method for digestion organic compound samples