Car Sentence Examples | Use Car in a sentence

1.i put him on the dashboard of the Car and kept studying him all the way from michigan to erie, trying to figure out what i could do.

2.tour buses have replaced railway Cars.

3.i stood irresolute beside my Car.

4.he lost control of his Car

5.he charged the battery of his Car.

6.the Car had apparently hit a traffic sign before skidding out of control

7.she had sold her bike, taken a driving test and bought a Car.

8.they were injured when a parked Car exploded as their convoy passed by.

9.i want my Car this colour

10.a Car hit her on a crossing.

11.they arrived by Car.

12."then we got braver and started packing the Car as if for a camping trip when the only place we were going was the local diner, " he says.

13.i had had my Car serviced at the local garage

14.mark was dragged from the burning wreckage of his Car.

15.i parked the Car in the backyard.

16.our Car was towed away to have its suspension overhauled.

17.the contemporary phenomenon of Car worship is to be explained not least by the sense of independence and freedom that ownership entails.

18.he had left his tickets in his Car

19.'the total tooling investment for the body is about six per cent of a stainless-steel Car, so it's massive change, ' said murray.

20.he was already buffing the Car's hubs.

21.the wheel of the Car has come off.

22.syed zainal said the vehicle was an iranian initiative. "what they (iran) want to do is to call that an islamic Car, " he said.

23.the front end of the Car separated from the rest of the vehicle

24.i let the tyres down on his Car the same time roberta in her Car forward was thinking that clyde had not appeared so very unfriendly to her.

26.we were just passing one of the parking bays when a Car's engine started.

27.he is out with the Car.

28.they drove away in a Car.

29.the thieves fled, ramming the policeman's Car

30.i ve got to stop her! officer vogt thought, realizing that at any moment the Car could spin out of control.

31.i saw a man shouting at a driver whose Car was blocking the street., i was driving back home after hanging out with some friends. i drove pass a woman standing next to a broken down Car.

33.for sure the team and the guys back at factory can focus more on getting the Car back to the front and that can only be good.

34.he made his way into the dining Car for breakfast.

35.the Car hood was dented in.

36.he found a place to park the Car

37.think about how much wood you could fit into a train's freight Car.