capitalism Sentence Examples | Use capitalism in a sentence

1.capitalism and socialism differ. point out the connection of "religion with the emergence of capitalism", which weber fully examined later;

3.for me, capitalism has never been an abstract concept. was the inexorable rise of capitalism and the bourgeoisie that had overthrown the feudal aristocratic order;

5.he rails against the iniquities of capitalism

6.where the islands of capitalism met the sea of subsistence labour, there was not a "beach" , but a "cliff" . they see a challenge from a new, self-confident model of state capitalism.

8.capitalism and neo-liberalism offers only rottenness and selfishness to humankind.

9.this is a certainty that socialism will replace capitalism.

10."capitalism messed up, " the british tycoon martin sorrell wrote recently, "or, to be more precise, capitalists did. "

11.out of this crisis arose a new and invigorated global capitalism which originated in britain and the us.

12.what is occurring now is not a crisis of capitalism, but of industrial society itself.

13.mutinationals will bleed to death - finally. question is how much time hard capitalism has left in china.

14.china's system is better described as state-sponsored capitalism. you let capitalism operate but you carefully regulate it. seems to work.

15.the capital is the kernel category of the capitalism and market economy.

16.this was the moment, the french president told us, when capitalism would be remade in the image of the european social market.

17.capitalism is not a fair society.

18.their fortunes were also boosted by monopolistic power and crony capitalism.

19.socialism and capitalism are not distinguished by the proportion of planned and market economy. more turgid prose, but closer to the truth, was the father of modern capitalism, adam smith, and he said this.

21.this monopoly capital, combined with state power, has become state-monopoly capitalism.

22.only thing failing is crony capitalism and socialism. i entered the cruel world of american capitalism, learning a trade, making a living at it, bumping around for a few years.

24.has the experience changed the chinese view of capitalism, the market system and private enterprise?

25.marx and engels scientifically forecast the collapse of capitalism.

26.imperialism is monopolistic, parasitic and moribund capitalism.

27.all of these are the survivals of feudalism and capitalism.

28.russia and china had embraced capitalism.

29.we oppose socialism to capitalism.

30.marx foretold that socialism would inevitably replace capitalism.

31.the expansion of western capitalism incorporated the third world into an exploitative world system. the last analysis, capitalism destroys nature, human race and human dignity.

33.the benefits of free market capitalism have been proven across time, geography, and culture.

34.offe also challenges the postulate of an 'organized capitalism'.

35.nor, for that matter, is "the west" the one-dimensional land of individualism and irresponsible capitalism it is often made out to be. do not, all the same, have to be a football fan to think that united's current state is a shabby advertisement for capitalism.

37.people are beginning to focus on a wild form of capitalism that contrasts any egalitarian vision of society. exposes capitalism in the raw.

39.socialism has nothing in common with capitalism.

40.crony capitalism is very different from the market economy.