Cannot Sentence Examples | Use Cannot in a sentence

1.i Cannot brook his arrogance.

2.i think and think and Cannot cease from thinking.

3.they Cannot leave the country without permission.

4.duality is not the place for you, and it Cannot hold the higher vibrations that are being beamed to earth.

5.within this lecture i Cannot pretend to deal adequately with dreams. other medium is like music in demonstrating that kind of beauty which Cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

7.the pity is that you Cannot come.

8.i honestly feel i Cannot do any more to prove myself

9.changes are being made here which go against my principles and i Cannot agree with them. Cannot equate his poems with his plays., then, no change takes place in themselves, these Cannot be said to be capable of admitting contrary qualities. Cannot expect to like all the people you will work with

13.i Cannot force you in this. you must decide

14.i Cannot describe the feeling of contentment that was with me at that time.

15.i Cannot say yes to your view here.

16.then i would speak up without fear of him, but as it now stands with me, i Cannot.

17.we Cannot boss them into doing more Cannot be denied that you are wrong.

19.i Cannot but agree to your decision.

20.because that type Cannot be known in advance, there is no way to know whether it has an element type or what that element type might be.

21.if this can be tolerated, what Cannot?

22.a transformer Cannot be called a machine for it has no moving parts.

23.benitez said: "i Cannot allow myself to think of anything but my own team, my responsibility is to win every game for liverpool . "

24.he Cannot be allowed to dictate what can and Cannot be inspected a musician, you Cannot be apolitical. Cannot live without air.

27.i just Cannot comprehend your attitude

28.we Cannot tolerate such waste.

29.i Cannot assent to what you ask.

30.and the gloom Cannot be magicked away by america's central bankers, as euphoric investors seemed to think back in september. Cannot expect your friends to trust you if you don't keep faith with them.

32.i Cannot describe it, i can't find the words

33.all this Cannot be achieved overnight.

34.even if we Cannot agree, we should maintain our contact.

35.if we Cannot understand that there's an issue of principle here, then we have lost our way.

36.the government Cannot afford to alienate either group.

37.i got the ielts score is *, achievement, not very good, but i think language Cannot decide, my major is all my strength of important proof. begin with, one of the more surprising reveals that came out of yesterday's news is that the os Cannot be installed on your own computer.

39.i Cannot conceive of such a thing happening again.

40.we Cannot take sides in a civil war