camouflage Sentence Examples | Use camouflage in a sentence served as a nice camouflage for the boat. we floated down through the canyon for hours until we finally stopped.

2.mammals rarely use this type of camouflage, but many fish and invertebrates do.

3.familiar faces is not common, everyone started trying to camouflage oneself, the shuttle only to have their own copy of the meeting.

4.camouflage ships by painting them gray.

5.zebra's stripes are a form of camouflage, making the animal very difficult to see in the shadowy tall grass of the african plain.

6.the leafy sea dragon is one of the few sea creatures with its own built-in camouflage.

7.finally, the application of intelligent temperature control composite material in infrared camouflage is summarized and predicted.

8.camouflage in nature is useful to the hunter and the hunted.

9.a category of disperse dye which has the most outstanding ability in anti-near-infrared camouflage was discussed. color and fabric, is based on popular trends this year, chose to protactinium gather green camouflage fabric;

11.this vermian virus has stronger camouflage and alluring capacity.

12.these days, though, faqiar wears the mismatched camouflage of libya's rebels and a dashing bandana on his head, pirate-style.

13.mock missiles and tels may also be deployed nearby as camouflage. of the most prominent changes we can see is the new grille clearly visible through the camouflage.

15.they were dressed in camouflage and carried automatic rifles.

16.the blue ringed octopus uses the traditional camouflage technique, the typical "you think i'm not here, but i am" approach to biting.

17.they covered their tanks with leaves and branches as camouflage.

18.i regret to give up, as if my declaration, refused to accept any camouflage.

19.the boat's large canopy was made of green and brown canvas. it served as a nice camouflage for the boat.

20.humans have imitated this by wearing green clothing as a camouflage in military and other fields.

21.the plumage of female and juvenile painted buntings is green and yellow-green, serving as camouflage.

22.ellie, it's ok, you can lose the camouflage. you're safe.

23.we all in do not camouflage, dismounts that matter useless attire to accommodate, at least in us, replies original most really own!

24.equanimity of mood, but fall in empty, push perfect camouflage, is so of emptiness.

25.the only thing left to do is camouflage it.

26.confident in its camouflage, being the same colour as the rocks, the lizard stands still when it feels danger.

27.experiments show that this method can meet the need of the color selecting in camouflage.

28.they walked through the trees to a second hut, cunningly camouflaged against air surveillance.

29.and then say you are never in front of my strong need for camouflage.

30.some zoologists think that the giraffe's pattern is for camouflage.

31.not long after i arrived i found a hispanic man in a camouflage jacket complaining about obama to a small crowd of onlookers. fact, a zebra with its striped covering is a camouflage animal. won't see them from the air. they'd be very well camouflaged i design the storefront and interior of the military store proceed from camouflage element.

35.if human interactions were primarily competitive, it would be advantageous to camouflage eye movements, as other apes seem to have done.

36.the photochromism and the application of photochromic material in military field as optical information storage materials and camouflage material etc.

37.he has never camouflaged his desire to better himself

38.i jumped into a pile of leaves to camouflage myself, poked my eyes out and held my breath.

39.the colours and patterns necessary for perfect camouflage.

40.the polar bear's white fur is a natural camouflage.