Cameras Sentence Examples | Use Cameras in a sentence

1.laparoscopes use fibre-optic lights and small video Cameras to show tissues and organs on a monitor.

2.shy film stars dodge Cameras.

3.singh said the Cameras will have no negative environmental impact and be completely dismantled upon the completion of the study.

4.with Cameras rolling, fulbright shook hands with an old character in overalls and asked him for his vote.

5.she continued to smile at the ranks of Cameras on their doorstep.

6.maybe you could collect the Cameras.

7.police Cameras had been specifically trained on that area.

8.they descended from the plane into a forest of microphones and Cameras.

9.photographs taken by roadside Cameras will soon be enough to prosecute drivers for speeding

10.television Cameras were invited in to film him at work. Cameras had been installed for a study conducted the previous year but had not been used for months.

12.virtually any input can be displayed, including Cameras, computers, satellite maps, and dvd playback.

13.the axis 205's low price and easy set-up makes it a good choice if you want to set up multiple indoor network Cameras.

14.the speed with which digital Cameras can take, process and transmit an image is phenomenal.

15.television Cameras are carrying the full horror of this war into homes around the world

16.smiling for the Cameras, the two men strained to make small-talk.

17.but maybe i am ready to step out of the limelight a little bit, away from the Cameras.

18.they milled around the ballroom with video Cameras.

19.the applause rose to a crescendo and Cameras clicked taken by compact Cameras are often dark because they're slightly underexposed.

21.the girl flashed a dazzling smile at the television crew and Cameras bearing down on her. with cine Cameras is of value only for demonstration and entertainment purposes.

23.the poor quality of these images can be due to any number of issues, including Cameras that are., it came as a bit of a surprise when Cameras trained on discovery captured images of flying foam once again. you can buy Cameras that attach to your wrist, ear, bike helmet and eyeglasses.

26.'no movies of me getting out of the pool, boys.' they dutifully lowered their Cameras.

27.she attacked police in the full glare of tv Cameras.

28."filming the scene on the e-3 was a little stressful with the lights, Cameras and recording equipment, " he said.

29."they took my computer, my Cameras, my everything," she said.

30.more anglers are taking Cameras when they go fishing to provide a memento of catches.

31.richard refused to trade in his old canon Cameras.

32.he's got hidden Cameras and microphones everywhere. officials said the Cameras would take the burden off the traffic agents and allow focusing their time on something more important.

34.the Cameras were not an intrusive presence

35.i use nikon d2xs Cameras and apple computers. would think that the performance of these Cameras would be tested upon installation, but that is often not the case.

37.these Cameras have increased only marginally in value over the past decade. Cameras with night vision can be activated by movement.

39.he slipped and fell on an airplane gangway as the Cameras rolled

40.german Cameras at knock-down prices flooded the british market.