Callipers Sentence Examples | Use Callipers in a sentence

1.methods: the external noses of 338 adults and 83 adult cadavers were measured with slide Callipers, triangles and protractors.

2.measuring instrument for straightness of base plane of slide Callipers

3.vernier Callipers with scriber change shape to line callout 1 ( accent bar)

4.and purchases special Callipers to survey pinhole.

5.the exact computing formulas for the normal chord length and the set angle of the gear tooth micrometer Callipers have been derived here.

6.constant of a measuring instrument vernier Callipers gauge

7.this paper discusses the notices in the design of fast open pressure vessel and puts forward recommendations on calculations of upper and bottom flanges and Callipers and demands for draft demonstrations. noninvolute helical gear treatment, it is a better method to measure the normal chord length of the gear by the gear tooth micrometer Callipers.

9.asic design for digital calipers with capacitive transducers a study of capacitive digital display vernier Callipers

10.the vernier Callipers for Callipers of vernier type

11.its five delicate double spokes leave a clear view of the discs and sliding Callipers of the braking system.

12."to assure the timely availability of the complete, accurate and up-to-date information by secretarial information management systems." to calculate the key measurement dr manning recommends photocopying the right hand and measuring the length of the index finger and ring finger, using accurate Callipers.

13.specification for precision vernier Callipers

14.the single-chip microcomputer interface design of the multifunctional precision Callipers by laser

15.designs, builds, fits and repairs splints, braces, Callipers, artificial limbs and related appliances to restore function or compensate for muscular and skeletal disabilities.

16.vernier Callipers gauge taking the body measurement.

17.the tools of the trade are unbelievably primitive: a long, heavy metal tube for blowing, Callipers, a pair of huge tweezers and cold water.

18.application of blocky magnet in induction heating for depth Callipers

19.the common issues in using digital Callipers

20.ability to use Callipers, micrometers, gauges, profile projector, gauge block.

21.the calculation for normal chord tooth thickness of helical gear measured by gear tooth micrometer Callipers this paper, the principle of operation of the multifunctional precision Callipers by laser is briefly introduced, the design principle of the 8098 single-chip microcomputer interface hardware and software is chiefly described.

23.-a mathematical model for capacitive transducer is established, the principle of operation is described. the electronic circuit systems of capacitive digital display vernier Callipers and the existing non-linear errors are also analysed.

24.the specification for Callipers of vernier type

25.double -end Callipers with depth gauge

26.the site operation result shows that better gauging and satisfactory measurement accuracy of the said Callipers can be achieved by means of thermal static measurement plus temperature compensation.

27.each pair of Callipers can be adjusted and used in the given size segment, and the suite product series of the precision quantity can be formed.

28.measure the length, mid-width and mid-thickness of femur and tibia by using the vernier Callipers. 4.

29.measuring the swelling with pressure-sensitive Callipers allowed dr spottiswoode to determine the strength of each bird's immune system.

30.vernier Callipers with scriber

31.the researchers made photocopies of the palm of the children's hands and then measured the length of their index finger and ring finger on both hands using Callipers, accurate to0.01mm. calculate the key measurement dr manning recommends photocopying the right hand and measuring the length of the index finger and ring finger, using accurate Callipers.

33.measuring arc radius with the ingeniously modified vernier Callipers

34.verification of geometrical parameters - micrometers - part 2: micrometer Callipers heads, depth micrometer; concepts, requirements, testing

35.twin piston alloy Callipers at the front and single piston Callipers at the rear bring the large-diameter wheels to rest.