Cajoled Sentence Examples | Use Cajoled in a sentence is also said to have Cajoled russia into lowering the price for a nuclear-power station.

2.he Cajoled a knife out of a child.

3.did you Cajoled my wife?

4.the senate vote is an early win for obama, who sought the funds and personally Cajoled his former senate colleagues from both parties.

5.he built his empire in defiance of pressure for regular accounts but also Cajoled and bribed auditors, who were unable to spot a huge fraud until it was too late.

6.of course, like most men, he had refused to seek assistance until our mother Cajoled him to overcome his pride.

7.he Cajoled the toys out of [ ( away) from] the child.

8.the populace are not to be Cajoled out of a ghost story by any these plausible explanations.

9.many will have to be persuaded and Cajoled.

10.she was Cajoled into a new contract.

11.many believe government subsidy will be needed if another institution is to be Cajoled into taking northern rock over.

12.he Cajoled money out of people's pockets.

13.he Cajoled the story out of the child. have bribed, Cajoled, and killed.

15.i was recently Cajoled into giving a talk to the sixth form of a girls school near guildford, and had no idea what i was going to say.

16.he showed that nature ought not to be taken at face value, and that she can be Cajoled into revealing her hidden charms so long as the entreaties are whispered in mathematical verse.

17.desire is a compelling factor in our life, not to be suppressed or evaded, not to be Cajoled and reasoned with, but rather to be understood.

18.this leads to the final question: how might china be Cajoled or coerced into changing its policies?

19.using their false law enforcement identities, collectors coerced and Cajoled terrified consumers into agreeing to make payments.

20.led by john kerry, the former us presidential candidate, who met mr karzai five times in the last three days, the international community Cajoled mr karzai to accept that only a run-off could restore credibility to the process.

21.during less than two years in charge he charmed, Cajoled and bullied governments into signing an agreement that brought down trade barriers and provided the legislative basis for globalisation. was he who had Cajoled garland into doing the film

23.he Cajoled the toys out of [(away)from] the child.

24.he Cajoled mr dobson to stand for mayor.

25.he remembered how she had Cajoled him into planting the strawberries when they had first bought the small house that was to be their home.

26.the little girl Cajoled her father into buying her a new dress.

27."all i'm asking is for you to talk to me," anderson Cajoled.

28.she Cajoled them into helping her.

29.he Cajoled his friends into deciding in his favor.