Cadre Sentence Examples | Use Cadre in a sentence

1.the student Cadre is the backbone and leader among students and the primary assistant for the instructor.

2.he is a full-time Cadre of the trade union.

3.the new mechanism is used to improve the accuracy and conviction of university middle-level Cadre's assessment.

4.take it! i am a Cadre in the party.

5.the village Cadre said they did not do productive work, they just fooled around.

6.this veteran Cadre still remains his philosophy of hard work and plain-living.

7.conversely, i think Cadre of a female should counteract the male in management is cannot discrepant.

8.continue to deepen reform of the Cadre and personnel system and focus on training high-caliber Cadres and personnel. was known, however, that this Cadre was an elite special operations unit within the emperor's royal guard. is the heat in reform of system of Cadre human affairs and difficulty problem.

11.the company has a well-trained Cadre of technical and management personnel and advanced technology, production and processing ability. this study, i develop two alternative measures of Cadre status.

13.fifth, should pay attention to the optimization of Cadre's whole quality and improvement.

14.of course, the class Cadre is not casually, even when he wants to be the small "review by the" the test!

15.we hope that the new Cadre designation in the management of company will contribute to achieving the goal presented.

16.this paper analyzes the problems existing in the Cadre training work, and probes into the ideas for the Cadre training work of railway enterprise.

17.a Cadre should be ready to take a lower as well as a higher post.

18."i think my phone is just too ugly, " she complains. "it looks like the kind of phone used by a village Cadre. " an outstanding Cadre in student union, i have gained rich experience. “ public servant ” we mean a Cadre who serves the people whole-heartedly.

21.the needs of a Cadre of kiddies are nowhere close to those of the online world, and adjustments needed to be made.

22.the difference, however, between the kuomintang was that Cadre tried to enforce rent-reduction regulations.

23.deepen the reform of the Cadre and personnel system.

24.gates doesn't travel much on the beltway's social circuit, instead spending off-hours with his wife and a small Cadre of aides.

25.go up in the assurance of a few relations especially, if appear deviation, can affect ability of team of basic level Cadre increase.

26.all this is a strong argument in favour of a diversified management Cadre by age, sex and type.

27.martyr guo gang-lin is an exemplary woman communist of our party and a fine Cadre of the communist youth league. reform of medical treatment system, to retiring veteran Cadre should give take care of appropriately.

29.a Cadre must become one with the masses.

30.leader Cadre is clean-fingered self-discipline is anti-corruption the key that beats a fight and essential. a system of Cadre of learning, it can be organization system, and can be self-organization system. is to continue to organize leader Cadre and technical training within industry.

33.the plebe candidates and their Cadre leadership prepare for the oath of office. judging a Cadre we must examine his life and work as a whole.

35.therefore, we must reform the present Cadre system and establish one that facilitates the promotion of younger Cadres. after the semester class Cadre, she is elected finally.

37.there was a man heading toward us, ostentatiously swinging his arms as he walked. he was probably a Cadre. a Cadre of the party, i have gone so far as to put on a rival show against my own organization under the delusion of a cheat.

39.this was another reason that was put forth by people in professions, businesses and working Cadre.

40.she's a good Cadre trusted by the masses.